Giurgiu Port FAQ

Giurgiu is the capital City of Giurgiu County, Romania. The city is located 37 miles from the capital of Romania, Bucharest. Giurgiu produces a lot of goods for export to other countries. Examples of products that come out of Giurgiu are timber, petroleum, salt, and grain. The city is also the site of the Giurgiu-Ruse Friendship Bridge, which is located in the Bulgarian-Romanian part of Danube. The bridge was built partly through the auspices of the former USSR who helped finance its construction.

The City was thought to have been established by Genoese merchants who transformed it into trading port in the fourteenth century. 

The city was captured by the Turks in 1417, and henceforth played a crucial role in the Russo-Turkish wars. There are still many old structures that still stand to this day such as the ruins of a medieval fortress and old town walls.

1. What’s the Port’s Address?

Street Portului 1
Giurgiu, Romania

2. What's the Cruise port Phone Number?

+40 246 213 003

3. What's the Cruise Port Parking Like?           

There is parking space for 18 trucks.

4. How do You get to the Cruise Port?  

The cruise port is in the city right across the Danube River from Rousse, Bulgaria.

5. What Cruise Lines use the Port?   

There are currently four cruise liners that pull dock at Giurgiu port namely: Uniworld, APT, AMA Waterways and CroisiEurope.

6. What's the Nearest Airport to the Cruise Port?  

The most accessible Romanian airport from Giurgiu harbor is Henri Coandă International Airport which is located 45 miles away from the port. On the other side of the border, Rousse International Airport in Bulgaria is a short 6 miles from the port.

7. What Attractions are Near the Cruise Port?  

One accessible touristy structure from the port is the Clock Tower which dates back to the 16th century. You can also visit the town’s historical museum, Teohari Antonescu. The museum has in its collection various Romanian historical and ancient artifacts and memorabilia.

Another great landmark near the port is Giurgiu-Ruse Friendship Bridge, which is located in the Bulgarian-Romanian part of Danube. The bridge was built partly through the auspices of the former USSR who helped finance its construction.

You can also explore the many beautiful natural sights of Giurgiu by taking a boat ride through the River Danube.

In Giurgiu, visitors can enjoy concerts and shows featuring artists playing traditional musical instruments like lutes and fiddles. One of the things that you can do while your ship is docked at the port is to try your luck at fishing in the Danube River. There is also an old castle nearby located in the island of Slobozia that you can visit.

8. What Hotels are Near the Cruise Port?  

Giurgiu being a tourist destination has many good hotels and guesthouses, with a number accessible from the port. 

Hotel Vlasca is located at 12 Port Street and is a two-star hotel. The hotel has 28 well-appointed rooms with standard amenities such as cable TV, hot shower, telephone, air conditioning and room service. The hotel also offers tours, laundry and car rental. Hotel Vlasca has one main restaurant that can seat 120 people and a conference room that could accommodate 26 persons.

Hotel Dovinot is located at Str. Calea Bucuresti nr. Calea Bucuresti nr. 74 A, Giurgiu, Giurgiu 74 A, Giurgiu, Giurgiu. The hotel has 32 large air conditioned rooms. Most of the rooms offer guests a spectacular view of Lake Mihailesti. The hotel has a bar, restaurant and club.

Hotel Cosmo is located at Address: Sos Bucuresti Nr. 191, Jud. Giurgiu. The hotel opened in 1999 and has 26 rooms equipped with cable TV, hot shower and air conditioning. Hotel Cosmo also has a swimming pool, garden and leisure park.

9. What Restaurants and Shops are Near the Cruise Port?  

For a taste of Romanian cuisine you can troop to the many restaurants located near the port serving local dishes.

Perla Restaurant serves a variety of cuisine and dishes and is frequented by locals. One of their specialities is breaded carp.

Restaurant La Taverna Giurgiu specializes in local cuisine and is located at Street Station 57, Giurgiu.

Restaurant Rustik is located at Predeal, DN1, Giurgiu. The restaurant has seating for 40 people and serves traditional Romanian and European dishes. Restaurant Rustik is an ideal venue for birthday parties, intimate company dinners, and other small events.

There are more shops across the Rousse-Giurgiu Friendship Bridge (now mostly known as the Danube Bridge) in Bulgaria. There is a new shopping mall and downtown shops. Travelers who have access to a car and some time may also drive to Bucharest, a much larger city in Romania.

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