Melk Port Guide

Melk Port is a river town located in Austria situated next to the beautiful Wachau valley along the infamous Danube. The town was known as the town of Medilica in the year 831, the name coming from a Slavic term which means “border”. The picturesque landscape of this river town has many a port hopper’s heart but what is really mesmerizing is Melk’s architectural variety.


Stiff Melk Souvenirs is the place to go to for books, brochures and of course, souvenirs! It has a good selection of books about the Benedictine Abbey, a good buy for every port hopper.

When coming from the abbey, go straight to the local farmer’s shop which displays wines and brandies. There are also handmade candles and soap in the shop; just the kind of items sold in areas where religious pilgrims in Austria frequent. Port hoppers can taste the wine and liquor sold at the place before buying them. This is of course necessary when buying spirits because how will you know it is good if you do not taste it first?

Travelers may want to try the shop’s Mohnzelten, it is a delightful dessert with poppy seeds in the inside.

Things to See

The Melk port of call is home to the Benedictine Abbey founded in the year 1089. Because of this marvelous structure, Melk has become Austria’s cultural and spiritual center. For those in Danube River cruises, a tour of this historic place is usually included. Buses also offer rides to tourists who want to go on top of the steep hill to marvel upon the beautiful Austrian town. The Melk Abbey has housed monks for more than 900 years despite the building being rebuilt quite a few times.

In the late seventeenth century, the ochre-colored Benedictine Abbey in Melk was reconstructed and changed into a Baroque structure with large courtyards, arched passageways, a school, the monk’s residences and an ornate church inside. The abbey will delight all those touring the area.

Before going to the abbey however, port hoppers are advised to start their tour at the Forsthaus and then later on walk to Zaglauergasse where travelers can see the remnants of Zaflauergasse.

Several meters away visitors will find the Wiener Strasse which opens to the restored Rathausplatz. The place adopted the name of Rathaus, a structure built in the year 1575. Rathausplatz is the river town’s town hall which was redesigned over 150 years ago. The beautifully made entrance door is made out of copper and wood –the hall’s most breathtaking feature.

To the left of the town hall is Lebzelterhaus built in 1657. Today it serves as one of the town’s pharmacy. Of course there are other places to visit in the Melk port of call, do not forget to go to the information office (Forsthaus) first so you can have a copy of popular tourist destinations in the area.

Restaurants and Bars

The old garden pavilion houses a wonderful restaurant that serves culinary masterpieces. The ambiance is just beautiful and one can even see Johann Wenzel Bergl’s paintings at the garden pavilion.

The Abbey restaurant is another choice for those who want to enjoy authentic Austrian dishes. Exotic cuisine is also available at the 600-seater restaurant.

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