Bremerhaven Port Guide

Bremerhaven Port is located at the border of Geest River entering eastern Weser section of the river meeting the North Sea, Germany. In Europe, this port is the 4th largest container port and the world’s 16th biggest container port. This is the port very essential for trade and one of the country’s prime seaports. It is also the seaport for Bremen’s city-state. Most cars move in the course of Bremerhaven Port than any European city aside from Rotterdam. It has a cool and moderate climate caused by the North Sea.


The Port of Bremerhaven has a lot to offer in terms of shopping. Numerous shops can be seen by the sea and at the town center. Thus, the city of Bremerhaven is famously known as “a world of shopping by the sea” with over 200 outlets located through the rivers of Geest and Weser.

You will see Hanse Carré and Columbus Center shopping centers along the boulevard. In these shopping areas, you can buy local products and souvenirs like shirts, crafts, art products and more. After shopping, you can take a walk and find yourself in the museum and zoo which are just a few steps away.

What to See

The prime attraction in Bremerhaven is the fishing port. Almost 50% of Germany’s catch arrives at this port. When the fishing boats arrive, you will witness how fish auction transpires and you will see many people participating in this activity.


You can also find entertainment areas nearby. There are elegant restaurants and hassle-free coast-side pubs where you can just drink and relax enjoying the view of the coast.


Visit the Shifffarts Museum which is also known as the Museum of Sea Travel. It will be interesting to have an exposure about Germany’s military history and see the different exhibits that also present polar research and oceanography.

There are more to see and enjoy like the Deutsches Auswandererhaus also known as German Emigration Center, the Helgoland, Art Gallery (Kunsthalle), Bottcherstrasse, the City Hall (Rathaus), the Figure of Roland, Market (Markt), Overseas Museum (Uberseemuseum), Ratskeller, and Schnoorviertel.

Your stay in Bremerhaven will lead to a fuller understanding and appreciation of Germany's culture and history.

Restaurants and Bars

There is so much to eat at Bremerhaven. There is a wide variety of food from appetizers to dessert.


Try the mouth watering gourmets at Kadler's Gastronomie serving from breakfast buffets to a selection of meals. Visit the Natusch where you can have a romantic dinner at the center of the fishing haven. This fish restaurant is multi-awarded for its special borough, maritime fare. Enjoy their selection of wines.


You can also try the traditional, authentic, Flemish-style taste at Fiedlers Aalkate located at Schaufenster Fischereihafen. It is cozily furnished with furniture pieces from Holland and Belgium. They specialize in fish recipes.


Your stay in Bremerhaven will be unique with the sights, attraction and food that the city has for you. Your experience will surely be worth noting and remembering.

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