Caudebec Port Guide

The Caudebec Port is found at Caudebec-en-Caux, a quaint gothic medieval town located on the right bank of the River Seine in Haute-Normandie, France. Whilst the town has retained its small town charm, knowledgeable cruise passengers will find plenty of sites and attractions to keep them occupied while on this river port.


Caudebec-en-Caux, or simply Caudebec, is located halfway between Honfleur and Rouen. The Caudebec port of call is often one of the ports included in 5 to 8-day Paris Cruises that travel along the Normandy coast. Cruise tourists are often taken into a guided walking tour into the town.


Caudebec is famous for its leather and tanning industries. Visitors can find a sample of these trades and a whole lot more in the town’s charming and intimate shops.


Visitors can find fashionable women’s clothing at Femmes en Seine, while the famous second-hand shop, Tout Occasion, also sells items of clothing as well as furniture. Perfumes are sold at Renard Sandra where visitors can sample and pick out from their nice selection. Watches, rings, bracelets, and other fine jewelry pieces can be found at Atelier du Temps. Normandie Livres is a local bookshop where visitors can find most reading items like newspapers, magazines, and books for their reading pleasure.


Matching Caudebec’s quaint small town charm is a Sunday outdoor market in the main square, just one of the many Anglo-Norman markets found in the region. Visitors can leisurely browse through the market for local crafts and produce.

Caudebec Port Sites and Attractions

One of the primary reasons why the Caudebec Cruise Port is often included as a port of call for many Paris cruises is because of the medieval attractions the town has to offer. Although most of the town was destroyed by a fire in World War II, a few original structures still remain, affording Caudebec a rich architectural backdrop that dates back to the late 15th and early 16th centuries.


One of the town’s main architectural feats is the Church of Caudebec-en-Caux. The church’s Gothic balustrades, its magnificent spires, and its stained glass make it one of the most beautiful churches in the Rouen diocese.  


Another stunning architectural feat in Caudebec is the Maison des Templiers, or The Templars' House. The structure was built somewhere between the late twelfth century and the early thirteenth century. It was saved by volunteers and was converted into a museum of local history and archaeology. 


The Hôtel de ville, the Town Hall founded in the 1800’s, is another spectacular architectural site to see in the town.


Visitors can learn about the maritime history of the Caudebec Port at the Musée de la Marine de Seine. The wooden ship exhibits and the many documentary films afford its visitors an enjoyable cultural and historical perspective of the port and the River Seine.

Bars and Restaurants

Visitors deciding to have their lunch or dinner at the Caudebec Cruise Port can head to the restaurants at the Hotel Le Normandie or at the Le Cheval Blanc for a taste of traditional French cuisine. The Le Cheval Blanc is a family-owned hotel that features an intimate fine dining restaurant. Located on the banks of the River Seine, visitors can enjoy a relaxing walk along the river after their dinner. 


Visitors looking for more casual dining can head to the many cafes and creperies found in town like Mascarene and Sylvie Roussel. Fastfood is certainly not left out in this quaint medieval town. Some of the fast food establishments found in Caudebec are Au Croque Express and Pizza Julia.


Bars and pubs at the Caudebec Cruise Port are plentiful. Visitors can head on to the Symbio'z, Poirot or to Bar du Bac for after dinner cocktails and for a chance to mingle with the locals.

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