Cherbourg Port Guide

The Cherbourg Port in France, located in Normandy, is a busy port. It welcomes cruise ships of all sizes to its marina and is also the leading ferry port on the Western Channel. With such a diverse maritime history, the Cherbourg cruise port is known as the largest artificial harbor. It also hosts military, commercial and fishing harbors, along with the Cherbourg cruise terminal. Your Cherbourg port of call will introduce you to the sights and attractions of this authentic French city.


Cruisers who decide to do a little shopping have a few options available to them. There are many open-air markets dotted throughout the city, such as Place de Gaulle and Cherbourg Old Town. The latter features fish and other markets, located just a few minutes from the waterfront area in the city's center. In this general area, there is a network of shops sitting along cobblestone streets. Browse boutiques selling anything from wine to clothing to gifts. If large department stores lure you in, try EuroDif for apparel, accessories, linens, cutlery, and fabrics.  

Things to See

During your stay in Cherbourg, take the time to walk around the city and experience its offerings. One of these is the Musée de la Libération at Fort du Roule, offering a great view of the harbor. This museum pays homage to the liberation of Cherbourg in World War II.

Aquatic lovers will want to check out the Cité de la Mer, an aquarium located in the trans-Atlantic terminal. It features wildlife of all kinds, along with an ocean diving area and submarine. Other points of interest include the Abbaye du Vœu on Rue de l'Abbaye, the Chapelle St Germain on Rue de l' Eglise and the Jardin Public on the Avenue de Paris, which sits at the bottom of Roule Mountain.

Restaurants and Bars

You'll find plenty of authentic French cuisine in Cherbroug, at varying prices. Le Faitout at 25 rue Tour-Carrée., located in the shopping district, serves up affordable, traditional French fare. For a little more elegance, try the formal Le Grandgousier at 21 rue de l'Abbaye for fish dishes of all kinds. Guests at Café du Théâtre at 8 place de Gaulle can choose to eat at the casual cafe on the ground floor or the more upscale brasserie upstairs. If you're a little more adventurous with your food and want to bypass the French cuisine, try Medina at 54 rue Tour-Carrée for Tunisian cuisine like couscous or vegetarian tajines. Bars like Le Bayou at 5 rue Tour Carrée offer nightlife for those looking to have a drink or two and relax.

The city of Cherbourg is alive with bustling markets, shops, cafes, festivals and museums, offering a lively port of call for cruisers. Its historical significance, as well as its cultural and recreational offerings, makes Cherbourg a fun city to explore.

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