Cochem Port Guide

Travelers who are able to take a Cochem Port Cruise tour will be satisfied with the tradition, culture, and architecture of this historical place. Cochem in Germany is situated in the backdrop of Moisel river valley and protected by high mountains amidst the steep vineyards which produce the area’s distinct wines. Docking at the Cochem Cruise port launches visitors on a picturesque experience that revels in the German traditional lifestyle. Cochem has shops, attractions, and restaurants to satisfy a wide variety of tourist interests.


After docking at the Cochem Cruise Terminal, visitors will find opportunities to purchase souvenirs immediately available. Must-buy products in this area include the wines and liquors created at the Mosel vineyards. The Weingut Gobel-Schleyer easily located in front of hotel Thorschenke sells wines in stoneware bottles of varying sizes; starting from a half quart upwards. This place also offers wine tasting and tours.

Another highlighted shop is the Artisan butcher shop for guests would like to be treated to a German delicatessen. Although the word has been borrowed by countries around the world and typically describes a shop that sells meats by the pound along with various salads and sandwiches, the true German meaning is a shop that sells high quality foods that are typically comparably priced.  This particular delicatessen has been standing for more than a century so aside from the traditional food and snack items, picture taking is also a very common activity at this place. For baked goods made from organic raw ingredients, travelers can visit the Bakerei Die Lohners. Aside from the natural breads and pastries, this shop offers bio-products.

Things to See

The main highlight of a Cochem Port of Call trip is a visit to the Cochem Castle (a.k.a. Schloss Rechsburg). The placement of this tenth century architecture is atop a high hill that allows guests to feel as if they are part of a medieval film. The architectural styles vary in the building.  This is a result of the different restorations that the building has undergone; it is doubtful that a few hours will suffice for sightseeing.

The streets of  Cochem are sightseeing-worthy too; it has antique buildings.  The Beilstein village in Cochem is a setting of several fairytale films. Guests can also visit the Schlagkamp-Desoye Wine Museum, Senheim Sculpture Park, and Klotten Wildlife and Leisure Park. There are also several festivals that take place at scheduled times throughout the year.

Restaurants and Bars

Local wine and delicacies are abundant around the Cochem cruise terminal. The Castle Thorschenke serves local foods at prices starting around $11. Other place to taste the local cuisine is the Hotel Germania at the center of Cochem along with Spiesegastatatte Noss, Labrochette and Lohspeicher Hotel and Restaurant.

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