Floro Port Guide

Floro Port is a Norwegian cruise port with very limited access. The port however allows some ships to dock making it easier for cruisers to go inside the small port. Trekking from the said port of call means a lot of walking but if that doesn’t appeal to cruisers, one can always hail a cab or ride the bus going into the city.

The small city located near Bergen only has very few inhabitants –making it the ideal vacation spot for those who seek tranquility.


The Floro Port shopping experience is a more localized shopping experience because most of the stores in this small city are run by locals. There are no shopping malls in the Floro port of call but there are a lot of souvenir shops where you can find gifts for friends and family when you finally get home. Candies and cakes are sold in these local shops. Other shops specialize in woodcarvings, fine lace and paintings. Most of these shops are located in the center of town; just go to the main street.

Things to See

The glaciers surrounding the Floro port of call are just majestic. This picturesque town has rushing rivers, quiet lakes and icy mountain summits. Floro Port’s coastline is as majestic as the glaciers; the deep blue of the water adds to the port’s splendor.

One of the main attractions in this coastal town is a 4 hour boating trip from the Floro port of call to Kalvag –one of the oldest fishing villages on Norwegian soil. The galleries in the place are also a site to see.

Just west of Floro is the beautiful grass-covered island of Kinn. The Kinn Church built in the 12th century has a Roman style of architecture. The church is worth a visit from every globe trotter.

Svanoy Hovedgard is a seventeenth century manor that will transport you in time. There is also a Deer Center in Svanoy where doe and red deer are bred. Trips to Svanoy are organized by locals and this is an experience every port hopper won’t want to miss.

Do not forget Likholefossen, Huldefossen, Vallestadfossen, and Eikjalandsfossen –these are the four splendid waterfalls near Floro. Going to these places will take around 8 hours but it is worth the drive because going to this “Home of Waterfalls” is visiting Nature at its best.

Restaurants and Bars

For those who want to experience culinary delights the Norwegian way, arrange a trip to Svanoy where the Norwegian Deer Center is. They serve delectable meals that will truly be unforgettable.

In the heart of Floro, there are not many restaurants to visit but 2 of the hotels in the small town have restaurants that serve beautiful Norwegian dishes. QualityMaritim is one and the other is Victoria. Both restaurants serve international favorites too if you would like a variety of dishes on your table.

For more casual dining go straight to Mombasa for a slice of pizza and their other specialties. Another restaurant option or Florokroa, they offer family style dinners that will surely whet your appetite.

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