Giverny Port Guide

Giverny Port is located between the Ile de France and Normandy. It is 50 miles from Paris, west and north a bit. Giverny is in France’s Eure region and recognized as the birthplace of impressionist painting. Monuments and tombs recovered show that the place has been lived in since the Neolithic times. The village only had a few inhabitants until Claude Monet turned a barn into his working studio in 1883. It grew into a town and is now an internationally famous tourist destination.


There is a wide selection of places to shop in the area. They have several antique shops in the region. At Lisiex they have an antique market every second Sunday, at Le Molay Littry every third Sunday. There are a lot of boutiques in town that offer the most recent in French fashion.  Hermes in Rouen offer unique accessories and clothing. The region is a center for traditional crafts and fine porcelain.  Locally made kitchen utensils and cooking pots can easily be bought in souvenir shops and hardware stores around. For tourists who wants to take home Monet covered souvenirs, drop by the Claude Monet Foundation Shop.

Things to See

When visiting Giverny, the best time to arrive is very early in the day to avoid the buses of tourists continuously arriving throughout.

The Claude Monet’s House and Garden was the home of the master of Impressionism. It has been restored well with all the furniture, colours, Japanese prints and china that the great painter loved. The house is of Oriental style. You can’t find original Monet paintings here but you can see the beautiful water garden, water lilies, azaleas and wisteria that inspired Monet.

The Museum of American Art in Giverny was reopened in May 2009 as the Musee des Impressionnismes Giverny or Giverny Impressionisms Museum. This museums seeks to promote the nature of the Impressionist movement. More focus on the Seine Valley’s artists and Giverny colony. This museum also shows Impressionism’s history.

The Natural Mechanical Museum was founded by Jean-Pierre, Gerard and Rene Guillemard.  The museum started with private collections of internal combustion engines.

The Hotel Baudy was once a mythical place which artists such as Rodin and Cezanne visited when they went to Giverny looking to be inspired. It is now a café restaurant with a stunning garden full of different types of roses.

The Old Mill in Vernon is located near the bridge over Seine. Balance above the water, this old house inspired Monet to paint from his studio the year he first lived in town. You’ll find seven bronze statues by a Vernon artist under the trees close to the mill.

Restaurants and Bars

The region is known for its dairy products and apples. Most restaurants here use locally produced foods.

A garden restaurant called Les Nympheaus offers great salad and filling. Inside the Giverny Impressionisms Museum is a restaurant that offers full meals that you can enjoy in their terrace. Restaurant Mussee Baudy offers delicious food and they have reasonable prices and good service. Ancien Hotel Baudy has succulent Normandy cuisines and a marvelous terrace garden.

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