Rotterdam Port Guide

Rotterdam is undoubtedly the Europe’s largest port it was the busiest for more than 40 years until it was trumped by the port of Shanghai in 2004. Popularly known as Europort, the port is mainly characterized as of the one of the most popular cruise and shipment stops. The city of Rotterdam has experienced a lot of innovations over the years. As a matter of fact, the port was made to be friendlier with its guests. It even provides wheelchairs and specialized restrooms for the elderly and disabled. The port is surrounded by lots of attractions that include shopping, dining, recreation and other similar destinations.


The Port of Rotterdam location is surrounded by various shopping havens. It has small boutiques, megastores and arcades that visitors love for strolling. Bookworms can find their paradise in the eleven-floor bookshop named Selexyz Donner. Undoubtedly the largest bookshop in Netherlands, the Selexyz Donner has a wide array of books that were written by local and international authors.

One-stop shop convenience is easily achieved in Rotterdam shopping centers such as Centre Zuidplein and Alexandrium. These malls are further equipped with stores and boutiques that cater to fashion, lifestyle, art and home decorating needs. Even foreign labels are not hard to find as Rotterdam houses boutiques carry the most sough-after. Satisfy your taste for class and elegance in Van Dijk, SHPPR, Roush and Mostert & Van Leeuwen. Those who are looking for unique and personalized styles can get their fix at Rotterdam’s Shopper, M and Gorilli Store and Lijfstijl.

Things to See

There are a lot of ways to relax and get entertained when you are in Rotterdam. Tourists arriving in the latter part of January and early part of February can take advantage of the International Film Festival. A 10-day affair, the festival boasts of 300 films that would be screened on 15 cinemas located around the city’s central district. Rotterdam also has a Summer Carnival that opens on the last weekend of July. This kind of carnival affair would surely make one feeling so alive.

The Grote Kerk is a fifteenth century church and tower that received heavy bombing damage during World War II. It is also on marshy ground and has experienced tilting in its walls due to settling. It is in one of the oldest parts of town.

Restaurants and Bars

A great place to start a gastronomic plunge is in Stroom. The place offers a multimedia bar, restaurant, hotel and lounge all in one roof. Recently acquiring a Michelin star, Ivy is the place to be when it comes to delicacies. Shopping may leave one feeling hungry and exhausted. Filling in your needs is easy at Witte de Withstraat. The place offers international cuisine and drinks and is almost always open 24 hours a day.

Aside from these dining choices, one should also not leave Rotterdam without a taste of bagels. The Bagel Bakery provides the best filled bagels you will find in Rotterdam. The bake shop also offers Israeli delicacies during the evening. Getting one’s fix of dishes is always possible because Rotterdam is filled with a wide variety of restaurants; including international cuisine. Take for example the Bazaar. The place teems with North Africa and Middle East dishes one would surely enjoy. Cocktails are always at its finest in Tokyo 94.

The Euromast is a 607 ft high landmark that has two restaurants on top. It is near the Maas tunnel which is a mile long tunnel connecting the suburbs to the center of the city.

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