Stavanger Port Guide

Stavanger is the chief city of Rogaland municipality in Norway. The city boasts of an excellent harbor and is considered a major commercial area in Rogaland. The city’s economy is revolves around several industries, such as oil-refining, fish-canning, and shipbuilding.

Stavanger is one of the oldest cities in Norway and was a former maritime powerhouse. The nineteenth century saw the birth of the fish canning industry in Stavanger. The discovery of huge oil finds in the North Sea has enabled the city to establish a robust and flourishing oil industry.

The city enjoys a mild climate for most of the year and is a favorrite recreational place. It also boasts of many natural wonders such as lakes and fjords. Stavanger regularly host music festivals such as jazz concerts and classical music recitals.


Stavanger has a lot of good and interesting stores and specialty shops. You can find a broad range of merchandise and products in the city ranging from clothes, electronic goods, and musical instruments to traditional glassware.

  • Oleana, Mingar Walker Glass, and Stavanger Glassblåseri, are stores that specialize in unique glassware.
  • Solveig Hadland at Linloftet sells quality textiles, clothes, and bouquets.
  • Kvadrat Shopping Mall located in Sandnes is Norway’s biggest shopping center. It boasts of 151 stores and 18 restaurants. There’s also a post office and a tourist information office inside.
  • Gjestal spinneri located in Gjesdal sells yarns, beautiful sweaters and scented candles.

Things to See

  • Utstein Abbey – located in the little island of Klosterøy is the Utstein Abbey, a beautifully preserved 13th century Augustinian monastery.
  • Lysefjord – situated in the east of Stavanger, is the majestic Lysefjord.  You can see here the Pulpit Rock which is a 1,968 feet high mountain that overlooks the scenic fjord. The surrounding water here is deep green and can reach depths of up to 1,500 ft.
  • Stavanger Cathedral – located right in the heart of Stavanger is Norway’s oldest Cathedral, Stavanger Cathedral. Construction of the cathedral started in 1100 through the initiative of Bishop Reinald, who is a native of England. It has been ravaged by fire in the 1200s and has undergone a number of renovations and restorations. The last major restorative work done on the cathedral was in 1999.

Restaurants and Bars

  • Byrkjedalstunet Restaurant was formerly a dairy house that produced cheese and other dairy products. Since then it has been transformed into a restaurant that specializes in Norwegian dishes. Food is prepared in the traditional way and ingredients are guaranteed fresh. The restaurant is known for their meat balls. They also bake pastries and bread.
  • Straen Restaurant is an upscale Norwegian restaurant that has a great view of the North Sea. The restaurant specializes in fish dishes. House specialties include lutefisk, lobster and Lofoten cod. The place has tastefully decorated interiors that also showcase shipping and fishing memorabilia.
  • Archive Nightbar opens nightly at 11 pm. The bar plays club music and can also be booked for special events such as birthday parties and meetings.
  • Pulpit bar has a wide selection of wines and spirits such as cognac, calvados, whisky, and grappa. The bar also accepts booking for special occasions like parties and corporate events.

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