Zeebrugge Port Guide

Zeebrugge Port located in Belgium, is mainly an industrial port that also serves cruise vessels during the summer season. Blankenburg, the location of the dock, is a vacation hot spot for many Europeans. A long boardwalk and white sandy beaches surround the Zeebrugge cruise port. The primary port of call docking station is around 1 mile away from the town center. 

The port has a long history; the Romans occupied the port during their Empire. Originally a minor port, it began its trading industry with the other nearby regions of England and Scandinavia. The first products traded with these regions included wool and sheep. Wool, in itself brought prosperity to the city, as this was a primary raw material used by many people in England to make fabrics and cloths. Presently the Zeebrugge port of call holds modern equipment, a qualified work force and a strategic location; this makes it a progressive port that is vital to the economy of Belgium. 

The Zeebrugge cruise terminal is in a region that is teeming with cruise tourists; the unique geographical position provides tourists with an opportunity to travel to France, the Netherlands and Great Britain. 


Although highly industrialized, the port town and Blankenburg offer limited choices when it comes to shopping. Belgian clothes, tablecloths, curtains and other household items are the best sellers when it comes to souvenirs. Belgian chocolates are also favorites among cruise tourists visiting the town. For a more artistic souvenir, ceramic arts and curios are good things to buy. The town center is where most vendors convene and sell their wares. Small shops and store also abound the area and offers unlimited supplies of chocolates. 

A visit to the nearby town of Bruges offers more shopping options. Chocolate stores are the most visited sites for tourists. The Chocolate by Gypsy Travels offers delicious chocolates made uniquely and taste exquisitely. 

Things to See                                                              

One of the main attractions of the port is the beach that lines the coast. Here you can do some boating or kayaking for some stress free leisure time. 

One of the best things to do when in the area is to visit Bruges. The town offers several attractions and sights that entice the tourist to know more about the city. A walk around the town reveals great architectural designs from the eighteenth century. Quaint houses filled with intricate carvings from that century demonstrate great the artistic genius of the period.

The best thing to do while in Bruges is to have a tour of the town’s canals; it provides a totally different perspective than a walk through the streets. Great architectural churches such as the Church of Our Lady dating back to the twelfth century depict the stature of the city during earlier times. The Roman Empire influence this area as well. 

Restaurants and Bars

The shorelines of the beach in Blankenburg are brimming with restaurants and bars serving local cuisines of Belgium. The Restaurant Palermo serves seafood main courses of fresh fish and seafood salad. The Het Lusthof and La Grande Maree offer different styles of seafood as part of its main course. 

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