Bodo Port Guide

Bodo Port is located in the Salt Fjord to the north of the Arctic Circle. Bodo is the capital of Nordland County. It was given municipality charter in 1816 but until the 19th century’s second half, the town’s development was slow. It is Nordland’s county seat and the second largest city in North Norway. This commercial fishing center focuses on drying cod. It also has shipyards and a brewery.

The Midnight Sun attracts countless tourists here. From the start of June to middle of July, the sun doesn’t set. Another tourist attraction is a home to sea eagles; i.e. the close by Lofoten Islands.


Tourists coming from different parts of the globe will have an amazing shopping experience in Bodo. There are a lot of shops and markets all around the city where you can purchase shoes, clothes, lacework, leather goods, jewelry, woodwork, crystal ware and many more.

The Glass House is where the middle part of Bodo’s major street is gathered. It is where you can find many stores in different categories. All your shopping needs can be found here.

City Nord is located in the outskirts of town. Here you can find plentiful rugged clothing.

Koch i Glasshuset has many shops inside where you can find different stuff. It is more open than other stores in Bodo especially in the rainy season.

Things to See

The charming city of Bodo is one of the greatest tourist destinations in Norway. There are a lot of things to see in Bodo.

This Nordland Museum has exhibits of Sami culture, regional fishing culture, history of women in northern Norway and natural history. It also has a comic 20-minute movie about Bodo’s history.

The Kongensgate is the stunning cathedral in Bodo which was finished in 1956. It is formed to imitate a ship’s inverted hull.

The Norwegian Aviation Museum is quite fun to tour around if you’re interested in flight and aviation history. From a bird’s eye view, the main museum building is shaped like an airplane’s propeller. It’s a beautiful grey and smoked glass building. You’ll see comprehensive control tower and hands-on exhibition.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants in Bodo mostly serve fresh fish from the local docks. The prices are relatively expensive. They serve Norwegian cuisine as well as international ones. Bodo bars have a great selection of foreign wine. Most renowned restaurants and bars in town are located inside resorts and hotels. 

Børsen Spiseri is a cozy and historic restaurant with excellent food. You can start with their succulent local delicacy, Cod Tongue. The staff is very welcoming and helpful.

Kafé Kafka is a nice café in a central location with a reasonably price menu. It has an intellectual atmosphere making it a great place to be with friends or colleagues.

Mon Ami is a restaurant/café with a French style. It’s located on top of the glasshouse building. They have baguettes, soups, salads, croissants and other light dishes.

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