Bronnoysund Port Guide

Brønnøysund Port is one of the pleasant and cheerful places of Norway. Its remarkable views of nature and the wonderful climate contribute to the local people being so relaxed and friendly. Brønnøysund is a city in the municipality of Brønnøy in Nordland. It is popularly known as the “coastal town in the middle of Norway”. The port is situated on the coast of Brønnøysund and it has a fantastic view of the mountains and archipelago. All these marvelous sights can be seen via the Cruise Port of Brønnøysund. You will find that there are 10 modern buses in Brønnøysund and the major languages are English, German, French and Russian. From the center of Brønnøysund, the Brønnøysund Airport is just 2 kilometers away. You will see and experience the place's heritage as you walk to the lovely town of Brønnøysund where you can meet friendly and hospitable people.


You will be surprised to see all kinds of shops and banks at the center city of Brønnøysund. There is a very luxurious design of shops in the town center for the convenience of tourists and locals. The most popular shopping mall within the area is the Glasshuset shopping mall. There are many things to buy from the mall - from clothes, to crafts, to local items, shirts and even small trinkets that you can bring home as souvenirs.

Things to See

See the impressive Lånan Island in the archipelago of Vega. In 2004, it was listed in UNESCO's prominent list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage. It is also known as the “largest egg” and “dunværet Helgeland”. A visit to this archipelago will make you appreciate their “egg and down” industry; i.e. the profession of harvesting down from Eider sea ducks that has sustained local fisherman for hundreds of years.

Enjoy the pleasant view in Nevernes Havn.  It is a heavenly location overlooking the Velfjorden.

Also, take pleasure with the sight of the famous Mountain of Torghatten where a distinguishing hole in the middle serves as an attraction. People who pass by this hole can feel that they are so tiny because of their proportion to the large size of the hole.

For a museum tour, you can visit the cool and peaceful Velfjord Open Air Museum located on the shores of Strengevatnet in Velfjord. The museum contains artifacts from the sixteenth and seventeenth century. It showcases art works depicting the life of farmers with full array of tools for numerous crafts.

Another must-see is the magnificent paintings of Cave Murals at Skåren which are almost 5,000 years old. Most of these murals are illustrations about animals.

Restaurant and Bars

Most restaurant and bars are located within the hotels. The majority of the restaurants serve local cuisine. Salmon and trout dishes are among the local cuisines offered in most restaurants. If you want to have a taste of different kinds of food, you can just step inside the Brønnøysund port and you will be presented with a wide variety of choices. There are merchants that excel in homemade dishes and bakery products. In Brønnøysund Port, your senses of sight and taste will surely be satisfied to the maximum level.

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