Eidfjord Port Guide

Located in a small village in Norway, the Eidfjord Port has developed into one of the major cruise destinations in the country. The village of Eidfjord is surrounded by mountain ranges that offer a breathtaking backdrop for travelers on a cruise ship. The revered National Geographic Magazine considers the area as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Travelers on an Eidfjord Port cruise will not only enjoy the sights of the village but will be treated to diverse shopping choices, historical spots, and establishments serving excellent Norwegian and international cuisine.


One of the best things about traveling on an Eidfjord Port cruise is the accessibility of shopping centers near the port. Two shopping centers- Stakje and Ljos are good sources of candles, ceramics, and similar crafts.

The Hardanger Flid is the place to go for Norwegian clothing and costumes; both for adults and children. There are also handwoven tapestries available, as well as frames and table clothes. The Hardanger Flid is located right at the center of Eidfjord. Tourists who like to bring home wooden art pieces should go to Trebua, which sells jewelry boxes out of birch. The place also sells handmade woodcarvings and fiddles. Tourists may also have a guide that can share with them how these products are made.

The Coop market in Eidfjord is highly recommended for its food products, while Unik Gifts is where gift items and souvenirs can be bought. The Mangfaldet has curtains, furniture, sewing and handcrafts available for tourists.

Things to Do

Tourists on an Eidfjord Port cruise have numerous activities to choose from when in Eidfjord, Norway. For those who like an ecological adventure, the Skytjefossen is a fabulous waterfall with a 300 meter free fall. It also happens to be one of the highest in Norway. Tourists can walk right into the waterfalls for about an hour. Then there is the Kjeasen Mountain farm located 600 meters above the Simadalsfjord. The place can be reached after an hour and one half trek.

For those who appreciate Norwegian heritage, then the Eidfjord Churches - both the old and new ones - are available for group tours. The old church was built in the 1300s and is one of the most popular attractions in the village. The Hardangervidda Nature Center is also an ideal place to visit for those who would like a closer look at the geology, archaeology, and zoology of the village. The Viking grave yards in Eidfjord can be seen by the road after a short walk from the village center.

Restaurants and Bars

For tourists looking for international fare, the Resort Voringfoss is highly recommended. The place offers a cozy, fine dining ambience. Traditional Norwegian dishes are served at Vik Pensjonat og Hytter or the Mix Mett og God. The Eidfjord Gjestigiveri is ideal to visit for breakfast as it features some of the best pancakes this side of the village.

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