Enkhuizen Port Guide

Enkhuizen Port is situated in the province in Northwestern Holland and in the West-Frisia region. A town city, Enkhuizen is a nicely preserve city that shows the early exploration days and architecture from the sixteenth and seventeenth century.

Enkhuizen tourism is a significant part of the economy. The town’s inner portion is still undamaged. This includes the 17th century, walls, gates, tower and the two churches from the fifthteenth century. An open-air museum also showcases life in the early years.


You can shop until your heart’s content on the Noord Holland peninsula. You can find many different items when searching through shops in a momentous setting or the modern shopping centers.

Design Studio 93 is a very intriguing place. You can buy everything from clothing, bags, hats, purses, rope, stationary, soap and so much more. You can also purchase everything you need to grow hemp and everything you need to smoke.

Rabobank Westfriesland Oost is another shopping area in the center of town. Westerstraat is Enkhuizen’s main shopping streets. It’s a child-friendly shopping area where pets are allowed too. Modus Mode in Westerstraat is a shopping area for clothing and shoes. If you’re interested in shopping for ornaments, Linda Mode Accessories is the place to go.

Things to See

Visit any of the town’s beautiful attractions. The Westerkerk or St Gomaruskerk from the 15th to 16th Century is a Gothic inspired church. Its bell tower which was built in 1519 was remodeled in the 19th century with a neo-classical style.

The Zuiderzee Museum’s indoor part, the Binnenmuseum is located near the town hall. You can reach the outdoor area by boat. Binnenmuseum is in the Peperhuis, which is a 17th century East India Company warehouse. It demonstrates the fishing and shipping history in old Zuiderzee. It has exhibits of equipment, regional costumes, house interiors, old fishing boats, ship models, and more. The Buitenmuseum has numerous buildings with canals, gardens and streets.

The Waagmuseum which was once the old Weigh-House has a vibrant façade adorned with numberous coats of arms. Features include old scales used to weigh butter and cheese. On the first floor is the Chirurgijnskamer or the surgeons’ room, the 18th century delivery room, a 1910 sick room, and a 1920 dental surgery room.

The Dromedaris Towers was built to protect the harbor in 1540. Cells can be seen on the inside from when it was still a prison.

Other places to see include the 17th century townhall and the old period houses found on Breedstraat which has Late Renaissance or Gothic fascia.

Restaurants and Bars

The Watermusic is a local-themed restaurant with a great view and service. From this place you can see many attractions like Dromedaris, the dyke to Stavoren, the Ijsselmeer, and others. It’s located opposite of the station.

Yeungs Garden offers great Chinese/Cantonese food. Their food is reasonably priced and they serve wine as well. This restaurant can without doubt compete with other great Chinese restaurants.

Bella Vita is a great place for those who love Italian food. They have a fast service and the staff is very accommodating and friendly. They serve this dish called Gnocchi which is pasta squares with tomato sauce and different types of herbs.

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