Finnsnes Port Guide

Finnsnes Port is an important transportation hub located in Finnsnes, a municipality of Lenvik on mainland Norway, near the island of Senja. Finnsnes is situated in the county of Tromso and is strategically located between the cities of Harstad and Tromso – two of Norway’s cultural centers. Because of Finnsnes’ proximity to the two cities, it serves as a transit point for visitors. The Finnsnes port of call also serves as the gateway to Senja, a popular tourist attraction because of its great natural beauty and rich culture. The town is connected to Senja Island via the picturesque Gismund Bridge. One of the many attractions in Senja Island is the World’s Largest Troll – a two level fairy tale world inspired by local legends.


Ships dock at the Finnsnes cruise terminal. From there, tourists can take a boat ride to the nearby city of Tromso, where a treasure trove of shopping opportunities awaits tourists. The best shopping destination in Tromso is Storgata, a pedestrian street lined with shops selling various local knick-knacks and even international designer brands. Some of the bestselling products from Finnsnes include art pieces such as paintings, candles, blown glass ornaments, handmade clothing, pendants, and Arctic delicacies such as stock fish and sausages. There are also several small stores and sale outlets in Tromso selling native products such as knitted garments, woven rugs, and stair carpet runners. Visitors should not miss the handmade crafts showcasing old techniques and patterns based on Saami or coastal Norwegian traditions.

Things to See

Finnsnes and surrounding areas offer dozens of interesting destinations for port hoppers. The town is a great starting point to learn about the culture and history of Norway. There are also several islands surrounding Finnsnes where tourists can catch a glimpse of the Saami people and their culture. These lovely islands can be reached via ferry or by hiring local fishing boats. Scenic sights around the Tromso County include its many lakes, the largest of which is Lake Altevann. Here, fishing enthusiasts can find the extremely large salmon and trout. The Dividalen National Park is another exciting natural attraction. It is the largest forest reserve in Tromso where visitors can enjoy bird watching, hiking and nature photography. The Tromso Cathedral is worth a visit because it is the only wooden cathedral in all Norway. Just a stone’s throw away from Tromso’s city center is the Polar Museum, which used to be a wharf house built in 1837.

Restaurants and Bars

The unique culinary offerings of Northern Norway is a must try when in Finnsnes or Tromso. There are many eateries located near the Finnsnes cruise port. Here, visitors can sample fresh sea food and various game meats such as grouse and reindeer, seasoned with savory herbs and spices. The Bios Café is one of the notable restaurants in Troms. It won as Norway’s Best Roadside Restaurant Award in 2006. Hermann’s Bistro is another popular restaurant. It offers the tangsuppa, a unique soup-like delicacy made from seaweed, crawfish, and shellfish. For a quick but satisfying snack, the Hoel Garden in Harstad is a good choice. It is a lovely 1890s chateau restored to its original style and remade into a restaurant offering gourmet seafood.

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