Flam Port Guide

Flam Cruise Port is Norway’s fourth largest. The Flam port of call is situated in the innermost part of the Aurlandsfjord, which is an inner branch of the 204 kilometers long and up to 1308 metres deep Sognefjord (the deepest fjord and second longest in the world). The popularity of the island dates back in the 19th century when steam ships arrived carrying English and German passengers. Since the opening of Bergen Railway, Flam has become a junction for passengers and goods between Oslo and Bergen.  Flam is feels like paradise to most everyone because of its spectacular beauty, peace and harmony.


The port plays host to over 130 ships during the summer. Passengers have a lot to explore in the surrounding fjord region; the island has a well organized tourist itinerary for passengers as well as bus service (especially during the summer season). From the Flam cruise terminal, it is not very far for pedestrians to reach the well known Flam Railway (well worth a ride). It is also an easy walk to one of the well known tourist hotels of Fjord Norway.


There are a lot of shopping areas that you may want to explore in Flam. There is a gift shop at the Fretheim Hotel. The hotel sells luxury gifts such as Sia-style Christmas decorations, Roocos Tween blankets, glass and crystal figurines, jackets and scarves. A major souvenir brand, Saga Souvenir, sells high-quality fleece and woolen garments. If you are into paintings and jewelries, you should not miss a visit to the Norwegian water clocks.


The best place to shop is at Aegir Brewery.  It sells a variety of microbrews; five samples for $9. Close by the brewery is a grocery store called Coop. There are a lot of bargains in Flam including wall hangings, artificial floral decorations, long-handled pewter beer mugs, knitted sweaters and a lot more. There is also a small shop with quality products at the Flam Railway Museum & Documentation. If you want famous undredal goat cheese you may want to go to undredalsbua in the nearby town of Undredal.

Things to Do

There are a lot of things to explore in the Flam area. You can go to Naeroyfjord which was added to the World Heritage list of UNESCO in 2005. Naeroyfjord is surrounded by steep cliffs. Flam has been likened to a Disneyland town because of its charm and looks. One steep 12-mile, 50-minute route will take you to Myrdal. The scenery includes the Flam valley and Niagara-like waterfalls of the Flam River. Hiking and cycling are the two most popular activities. Animals such as porpoises, seals and eagles are often spotted here. Aurland is also worth a visit because of its farms, woods and waterfalls.

Restaurants and Bars

Flam port is the best place to have a taste of Norweigan specialties such as lamb, cabbage stew, goat cheese, cloudberries with fresh cream and smoke salmon with berry sauce. The train restaurant offers an exciting fare for meatballs, goat stew and salmon. The best restaurant for light snacks and has a separate menu for American fast food is the Flam Marina.

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