Geiranger Port Guide

Geiranger Port is located at the top of the Geirangerfjord in the tourist town of Geiranger in the western part of Norway. Geiranger cruise port receives around 180 ships during its tourist season of May to early September. This lovely town also hosts the annual Geiranger from Fjord to Summit event which is a marathon and bike race.

The picturesque Geirangerfjord was recently named UNESCO World Heritage Natural Site; commemorating the town’s charm. Being a tourist center, transportation and a number of tours are available to visitors all year round.


Geiranger cruise port visitors are sure to find a good selection of Norwegian handicrafts in many of the shops; these include of wood carvings, weave and knitted goods. Knitted goods are at their finest at Strikkebudda and for the art enthusiast, the Geiranger Galleri is the place to be. The Geiranger Outdoor store offers fashionable clothes and sport equipment. The town also hosts a number of small and exciting shops which offers bargain art and home crafts articles as well as a wide variety of souvenir items for your personal use or as gifts to friends.

Most tourist shops and the town’s grocery shop are open late during tourist season, which means shopping hunts and adventures are plentiful after a day’s activities in town.

Things to See

Geiranger is an outdoor haven with its majestic mountains and fjords. A drive to Dalsnibba, Ørnesvingen and Flydalsjuvet will give guests a breathtaking view of the Geiranger fjord and its nearby districts. A fjord cruise on the other hand will take you around the Geiranger Fjord which is said to be the most beautiful fjord in the world. The cruise will also take you along the abandoned farms of Skageflå, Knivsflå and Blomberg which are all located on the banks of the fjord. Skageflå became more famous since Queen Sonja and King Harald celebrated their silver wedding anniversary at this picturesque farm in 1993. Meanwhile, Knivsflå is near the famed Seven Sisters waterfalls.

Another interesting outdoor adventure for Geiranger port visitors is the Geiranger Geological Park. The park has fairy tale figures carved by Finnish wood carver Jarmp Kaarela. There are also amazing waterfalls in the area. The park also features geological exhibits and is wheel chair friendly.

Aside from its picturesque landscape, Geiranger cruise port is also the home of the octagonal Geiranger Church which was built in 1842. The Knuten is a part of the original Geiranger Road of 1889.

Restaurant and Bars

Food choices in Geiranger port of call range from traditional Norwegian cuisine to international dishes to satisfy your cravings. Guest may dine indoors or al fresco while enjoying an international crowd. Enjoy a la carte menu of snacks and grill; e.g. special mussels in steamed garlic at Restaurant Olebuda. This restaurant is set amidst a charming old house and is the most popular diner in town.

Café Meroks offers hearty sandwiches, baguettes and cakes in an alfresco setting. Friraren Pizza Pub offers a wide variety of pizza with local or international flare. Its best seller is the Dalsnibba which is pizza with reindeer meat, forest mushrooms with bacon, cheese and tomato sauce.

After sundown, the town’s bars and dance halls are the perfect place for an enjoyable night out. You can visit the Geiranger Bar for a few drinks or dance the night away at Union Dancing.

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