Gravdal Port Guide

Gravdal Port is part of Norway’s Lofoten Archipelago. This unique and simple village is situated on the island of Vestvagoy. Gravdal can be found on the north side of the Arctic Circle. The village of almost 2,000 inhabitants has its own kindergarten and primary school. The village is so quiet that tourists can hear the ringing of the school’s traditional bell.


There was a time that Gravdal became the center of trade. With this, it has its own small island trade center which houses various grocery stores, fashion boutique, furniture shop, hotel, cinema and architecture’s office. However, the community eventually became a residential village. Gravdal’s neighbor, Leknes then became the seat of trade and local administration.

Today, Gravdal only has one major grocery store that offers local Norwegian finds and other similar goods. The town also has a Narvesen-chain kiosk, tanning center and hair salon. There are also small local stores in the village that offers souvenir items.

Things to Do

Gravdal’s simplicity bestows ample relaxation opportunities on its visitors. The village has its own local bowling alley for those who want to consider relaxing the time away. Tourists should also see to it that they visit the Buksnes Chruch with was built in 1905. The dragon Style Church continues to be the main tourist spot for Gravdal. As a matter of fact, the church has attracted thousands of tourists every year. Bird watching is also a must-do activity at Gravdal. The village has been noted for its wide species of birds and fowls including the local eider duck, sea eagles and kittiwakes.

Aside from these, tourists should also take a good look at the picturesque light house of Gravdal. The popular lighthouse stands in the Buknes bay area of the village. One should also visit the historical Monument to the Ancient Vikings.

The Gravdal Beach is also the place to stay, unwind, relax and commune with nature. The village also has its own basketball court, football fields and gymnasium. Hiking is also one of the most recommended activities in Gravdal.

Restaurants and Bar

Nightlife also has a place in this quiet village. Its famous Titanic Dancing night club features music and food; it is easy to forget being in a solitary place. The Titanic Dancing is rumored to have hosted actor Al Pacino for one of his movies in the Lofoten Islands.

Restaurants are not really a common sight in the village. Local cuisine can be enjoyed only at few local dining spots. There are also a few fishing boats that offer fishing and cooking services. With this, tourists can fish for cod or other fish and have it cooked.

Fine dining and other top-of-the-line restaurants can be found at the whole of Lofoten Islands, neighboring Leknes, vestvagoy Islands and in the whole of Nordaland. Visitors should try the cuisines offered at 25 Mars Pub. Interesting local dishes can also be enjoyed at  Fiskekrogen. Business lunches and dinners can be held at Boersen while cocktails and grilled foods can be enjoyed at Stamsund Grill and Sydost Restaurant og Bar.

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