Gudvangen Port Guide

Gudvangen is a quaint little village situated in the beautifully untamed Nærøyfjord, the narrowest fjord in the world. It has been a frequently visited cruise ship port since 1865. The Gudvangen Port is situated at the deepest portion of the fjord, allowing it to comfortably accommodate the ferries and cruise ships that frequent its harbor. 


The Gudvangen cruise port is often the starting point for ferries that offer tours to the many interesting places in the Sogn region. It is about 73 km from Vik; 46 km from Voss; 30 km from Tvinde Waterfall; 18 km from Flåm; 12 km from Stalheim; and 7 km from the White Magic Caves. Passenger ferries dock at the port five times a day and once from October to April. 


The harbor area includes a hotel built in the Viking tradition, a souvenir and Viking shop, restaurant, a gas station, and a post office.  Telephones are available at the dock and cellular signals are strong.


The nearest airports to Gudvangen Port are the local airport in Sogndal and the Bergen Airport which accepts international flights.


The Gudvangen Port is one of the oldest cruise ports in Norway and it hasn’t changed much for the last 150 years. The lack of land and the limited free space for constructing new buildings had kept Gudvangen pretty much as it had been since cruise passengers were disembarking on its port in 1865. Yet a knowledgeable cruise passenger wouldn’t be put off by what seems to be a minimalist port. 


Tourists can shop for Viking souvenirs at the Gudvangen Fjordtell souvenir shop or at the old Viking souvenir shop built in 1876. Best buys at the souvenir shops include jewelry crafted with Viking elements, dale sweaters, and accessories made of seal, moose, fox, and reindeer.  Visitors won’t have to worry about changing currencies as all major currencies and credit cards are accepted.


There is also a local store at the gas station where visitors can buy items to fill their packs with if they’re planning a hike along the Nærøyfjord.

Gudvangen Attractions

Having been virtually unchanged for the last 150 years, Gudvangen gives its visitors an opportunity to see and experience life in a typical Western Norway fjord village.  Following the old road along the nærøyfjord will take hikers to the tiny village of Bakka. Avalanches and the fjord freezing often close off the residents of this village from the rest of the world. Here visitors will see for themselves the power and spectacular beauty of nature and the resiliency of its residents who have thrived in spite of the rugged environment.

The White Caves of Gudvangen, found in the mountains of Anorthosit, are also a sight worth visiting.  Visitors will be mesmerized at the sight of the world’s largest deposit of anorthosite, a white type of rock that is also found on the moon.

Salmon fishing enthusiasts will be thrilled at the salmon fishing at the Gudvangen Port. Salmon fishing is highly regulated by the government; there are designated areas where one can fish and what equipment can be used. Fishing at the Gudvangen Port makes all of these quick and easy.

Bars and Restaurants

Gudvangen does not exactly have a “hip and hot” nightspot, but cruise passengers can unwind after a long day of site seeing and nature tripping at the fully licensed bar at the Gudvangen Fjordtell.

The hotel also features a café/restaurant that is capable of accommodating 240 people. Visitors can sit in the outdoor terrace where they can have spectacular views of the fjord.

Minimalistic, but effortlessly quaint and charming—Gudvangen Port certainly sets off any visitor into a good start to more delights along the Nærøyfjord and into Sogn.

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