Hammerfest Port Guide

Hammerfest Port, also known as the "Gateway to the Barents Sea", is the world’s northernmost town located in the county of Finnmark, Norway. The Hammerfest port of call is a vital international fishing port; this has been the town’s primary economic activity. Located just 600 miles from the Arctic Circle, the Hammerfest cruise terminal is a favorite among tourists. All through the years, the Hammerfest cruise port has been the center of Finnmark’s development. Hammerfest literally means “mooring place” and it generally refers to a natural harbor formed from the mountain crags.


Shopping is usually done at their central market where you can find local and traditional items such as clothing, food, handicrafts and other souvenir items. You can find the common pullovers, knives, reindeer furs, shoes and so forth. Be sure to visit the Hammerfest Sweater Shop. They showcase a variety of designer’s sweaters and other winter items needed to keep warm during your entire stay.

Things to See

Reindeer are common attractions and these wild animals roam around the city even during the summer months. On the southern part of Hammerfest, you can find Jansvatn. It has an open air swimming pool where you can take a dip and unwind.

You also wouldn’t want to miss a trip to the Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society where you can take home world famous polar bear pins as a souvenir from your trip.

A trip to the town’s Energy House is also highly recommended. The power station is Northern Europe’s first ever electricity source and has an interactive center where you can explore the nature and birth of electric power.

The Museum of Post War Reconstruction is another tourist site where you can discover various exhibits from Slettnes and Melkoya. The Meridian Column, a UNESCO world heritage, is also something that you should check out. The column was made in memory of the first worldwide measurement of the Earth’s circumference. This activity was completed in Hammerfest in the year 1852 with the help of Russia, Norway and Sweden.

Restaurants and Bar

For a traditional taste of the local Norwegian cuisine, you can visit the Odds Food and Winehouse. They have been known as the best traditional restaurant in the city. Be sure to try their seafood menus, Norwegian dishes and awesome dessert selections. For some a taste of their coffee, you can go visit Qa Spiseri. It offers nicely brewed espressos coupled with those delightful pastries that will surely brighten up your cold mornings. Turista, commonly known as “the restaurant on the hill”, is situated right above the heart of the town. The restaurant offers a spectacular view of the city. It is simply a beautiful and serene place to have dinner with someone special to you. Another interesting place to stop by is the Mikkelgammen. The restaurant is made up of traditional Sami huts made from turf located in Salen, only 5 minutes away from Hammerfest. The café offers authentic Sami food. When you get here, don’t forget to order Bidos, a stew made up of reindeer meet and a selection of vegetables.

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