Kirkenes Port Guide

You can find Kirkenes Port at Postboks, Kirkenes Harbor, Norway. Kirkenes is a city located in the metropolis of Sør-Varanger in the region of Finnmark. It is in the middle of three neighboring countries, Finland, Russia and Norway. But crossing the borders of this country is strictly prohibited. In Kirkenes, you can experience the sun shining at midnight from May 17 to July 21 while the subsequent winter darkness lengthens from November 21 to January 21. Hurtigruten is one of the major cruise lines that use the port of Kirkenes. They have ships that sail daily from Bergen to Kirkenes and consistently down the Norway shore to Bergen.


In Kirkenes port, you will find crafts made from reindeer skin. You can find some malls in the city for your shopping convenience. Clothes, skiing accessories and prime shopping items are available also in most establishments around the port area. You can also find local crafts and other souvenir items that reflect the lifestyle and culture of the Norwegians.

Things to See

Come across The Border Country Museum known as Grenselandsmuseet. This museum shows the war and peace history of the Norwegian-Russian border.


Take a visit to Sami art exhibitions where you can see a collection of artwork by a Sami artist, John Savio, from this region. You can also find a trace of the mining industry history in the area. Also see the Gabba Reindeer Safari Park where you can enjoy the wonders of wild life. Experience sightseeing, exciting dog sledge trips and amusing snowmobile tours that will give you fun and thrills.


Don’t miss the amazing ice carvings and work of art in the snow hotel where everything you see is made of snow including the furniture and drinking glasses and even their living room set. The remarkable hotel is a real hotel with ice beds and sofas covered with reindeer skins in order to seal the cool temperature of ice.

Restaurants and Bars

The top rated restaurants in Kirkenes are Vin & Vilt where you can taste fabulous local dishes and international cuisine. The place is decoratively creative and the service crews are very hospitable and friendly.

For Chinese cuisine, you can visit the Shang Hai Restaurant. This cozy restaurant always attracts guest to try their Chinese special delights.

The Ritz is where you can find the tastiest pizzas in town. They are also serving delightful desserts, juicy hamburgers, and some spicy Mexican food. As another option, you can go to Siciliana Pizza restaurant which serves varieties of pizzas and luscious international dishes.

For an unforgettable dining experience, you should try Direktorboligen. It is a fabulous restaurant serving international cuisine and mouth-watering well known delicacies in Kirkenes.

Most hotels in Kirkenes port have their own restaurants and bars that serve really tasty and delicious meals. One of the favorite delicacies there that you should not miss is horseshoe crab meat. For an enjoyment of fine music, drop by the Ofelas. You will have a taste of their wine selection while you relax.

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