Oslo Port FAQ

Oslo Port is one of Europe’s oldest and busiest ports. It is conveniently located at the top of Oslofjord and is one of the world’s leading maritime centers. Here are some Oslo Cruise Port FAQ that may help you on your trip.

1. What's the cruise port's address?

The Oslo Cruise Port is located at Sentrum No 103 Oslo, Norway.

2. What's the cruise port's phone number?

You can reach the cruise port terminal through (+47) 23 49 2600. For reservations, you can call +47 22 94 42 00.


3. What's the cruise port parking like?

Several Oslo Cruise Terminal FAQs say that parking is available throughout the entire week from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Time can vary when cruise lines arrive. Charges can range from $44 to $52 for 2 days already and an additional $17 each day after.

4. How do you get to the cruise port?

Some Oslo Port of Call FAqs recommend public transport vehicles to get to the port. They have buses, taxis and even limousines available for cruise travelers. For short parking durations, passengers can use the parking area at the plateau. It is for free, but it has to be a maximum of only 1 hour. Beyond an hour, charges may apply. Taxis are usually available outside the terminal for you to get to the city and vice versa.

5. What cruise lines use the port?

Several cruise ships dock in the area. They include Norwegian Cruises, Disney Cruises, Cunard Lines and the Royal Caribbean Cruises.

6. What's the nearest airport to the cruise port?

The Oslo Airport Gardermoen is by far the nearest air bus terminal from Oslo Port.

7. What attractions are near the cruise port?

The Akershus Fortress and Defense Museum, only about 500 meters from the port, is a great way to get a feel of medieval history and culture. The City Hall, which is situated only a kilometer away from the port, has been uniquely designed by local artists to showcase Norwegian history, culture and lifestyle. Another place that you shouldn’t miss is the Viking Museum. It is the preservation site for the world’s best maintained Viking ships, dated as early as 800 AC.

8. What hotels are near the cruise port?

The Thon Hotel Gardermoen is just 5 minutes away from the airport. It is a new hotel in town that offers contemporary living at a reasonable price. The hotel, however, doesn’t have its own restaurant. Beverages are sold at the reception desk. You can also check out the Carlton Hotel which is designed for budget travelers.

9. What restaurants and shops are near the cruise port?

Bygdoy Alley is a major shopping street in the city with shops that focus more on kitchenware, light design, and other specialties. For all your fashion needs, hop along Akersgata Alley and find exclusive shops like Louis Vuitton, Corso Como and Follestad. The Valkyrien Take Away café is famous for its burgers. On the other hand, the Slottsparken Café is the best place to enjoy baguettes. There are several Asian restaurants that you will also enjoy like Mitsu (Japanese), Tay Do Café (Vietnamese) and Sakana Sushi.

10. Are ships docked at the port, or are passengers ferried from the port to the ship?

Passengers need not be ferried from the ship to the port.

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