Passau Port Guide

Passau Port is located close to the harbor of Austria and Germany sitting at Danube, Ilz and Inn Junction Rivers. The dock side of the port gets very busy welcoming cruise passengers; it is also a popular port for initiating cruise journeys. Passau will delight your eyes. It is a lovely place to walk; going from one place to another, burning calories and having a very nice dinner in the evening. The small park close to the historical town is where cruise ships from Danube River dock. Passengers enjoy pedestrian shops and historical sites as well as the photographic view of the buildings. The University of Passau in the town creates a youthful atmosphere to the place.


Walk around the shopping district of Passau and you will see a collection of shops offering souvenir items. If you want to buy varieties of fresh fruits, just walk a few steps going to the little local market square. There is nothing that you cannot find in Passau; a wide range of shops sell a variety of products. Even if you are not in the mood for making purchases, strolling around the shopping district is a pleasant activity. Window shopping will make your day.  Later you can stop by a nearby café or restaurant to satisfy your appetite.

What to See

Visitors enjoy the magnificent view of Altstadt. Crossing the Danube and going to Veste Oberhaus gives visitors yet another perspective of Altstadt. Altstadt is a rocky ridge of land shaped by the convergence of the Danube and the Inn Rivers.

The newest attraction in the region of Passau at the Bavarian Forest Granite Center is Steinwelten also known as Stone World. Visitors will be fascinated  by the region’s precious stones in this demonstration quarry; the center is in a historic Bavarian Forest quarry.

A variety of guided tours are available. These include touring the places Empress Sissi stayed, historical tours, learning how to make gingerbread and other wine and dining tours.

Restaurants and Bars

A wide array of cafes, restaurants and bars can be seen everywhere. You can try different dining havens and menus everyday during your stay.

You may dine in the old town hall of Passau at the historic building or outside the restaurant garden, below the lovely and giant mural on Rathausplatz. You will enjoy relaxing and eating on the terrace while enjoying the view of the ships that sail by the Danube River.

Step inside "Kaiserin Sissi", a gourmet restaurant and is one of the best among Germany’s 400 restaurants; an Austrian Empress once dined here. If you want to dine or have lunch with a romantic ambience, "Kaiserin Sissi" is the best place.

For an excellent traditional food and beers, visit Hacklberg Brewery and taste the fine Hefeweizen beer. You will love the taste of food aside from the genuine German beer. If you visit during the summer season, be prepared to see their huge beer garden.

Be sure to complete your visit by sampling one of Passau’s fine marzipans.

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