Porto Port Guide

The Porto port is situated in the second largest city of Portugal. Porto is well known for the exportation of Port wine. It is situated right next to the Douro river estuary, and is known as the capital of the northern region of Portugal. The moment you get off at the Porto cruise port, you will experience the rich culture of Porto. The following guide will give you some insight into the Porto port of call and its surrounding areas.


Shopping in Porto is a real pleasure for the tourists. A wide range of shopping options like boutiques and independent shops are available for visitors to splurge on. The downtown area offers some unique and novel presentations to exchange your money for.

Some of the best shops and boutiques to visit are Hugo Boss, C & A, Pedro A. Baptista, Gatsby and Casa Rocha. Among other attractions, Atlantis, Bolhao market, Vinoteca and Ribeira Craft Center are recommended.

Things to See

The highlights of the Porto port of call are its historic buildings and museums, which make for some very interesting sightseeing tours around the city. A walk through the streets will provide some of the most interesting experiences and sights around the town, or an organized local tour can provide great insight to the city and culture. No matter what approach you take, every step out into the city helps you soak in the culture.

A simple trip or afternoon break to a local park, going golfing, hiking or indulging in an adventure sport can keep you busy in and around Porto. Some of the most well-known attractions include the Baroque Torre de Clerigos , the Roman Cedofeita Church and the home of the Navigator, Prince Henry.

Restaurants and Bars

The local cuisine at Porto is something that is worth trying. The locally owned Porto restaurants near the port must be sampled. They provide all kinds of indulgences–international tastes, junk food and also some very stylish and up-market restaurants with lavish dining halls.

The nightlife at Porto allows you to go deeper into the belly of the town. The pinot noir at any local bar or pub is the local flavor that you must go for. Just sitting at any bar and simply observing the life in Porto can be an experience in itself. The more social people will find that these bars provide an amazing opportunity to chat with people and experience the local culture up close and personal.

Special mention must go to the coastal Foz area. It is absolutely buzzing with life and entertainment at night.

It is highly recommended that visitors drop by the local tourist office to get any further information on the available local options. The staff at the office is multilingual and will gladly accommodate you. They provide maps and brochures to help you get where you need to go.

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