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Ruse Port is located in the northeastern part of Bulgaria on the bank of Danube River opposite the Romanian city of Giurgiu. Ruse, also spelled as Rousse or Russe, is the fifth largest city in the country and is an important river port which caters to trade and visitors all throughout the year.

The beautiful Ruse port of call is known for its nineteenth and twentieth century Baroque and Rococo architecture. It is the gateway to Bulgaria’s northern districts since major roads and railway traverses this charming town. Buses and trolleybus lines caters to its visitor exploring the confines of the city and the nearby areas. Visitors of Ruse cruise terminal are advised to be vigilant in accepting offers from taxi drivers upon arrival in the port.


Printing of books and textbooks is an old industry in this quaint town; the Pingvinite Bookshop is worth your visit. This popular local book shop houses a collection of books concerning Bulgaria and there are several books in English. It is also a good place to purchase your map.

Being a part of the Pan-European Transport Corridor, the city also offers a wide array of goods from ships and freighters. Its Magic Mall is among the place in the city where you can find beautiful keepsakes and memorabilia. Several malls are being constructed and are expected to open in the next couple of years.

Things to See

The historical town of Ruse Port is among Bulgaria’s most beautiful cities. Historic heritage buildings are can be seen all over the town.

The Church of St. Paul the Crucified is the foremost tourist attraction of the city. The church was completed in 1892 and still has its original murals, religious artifacts and 700 pipe organ. The seventeenth century Russian styled Church of Sveta Troitsa on the other hand has well preserved murals, sixteenth century religious relics and stunning tower stained glass windows.

Approximately 12.5 miles from Ruse, the Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo is worth your visit. This World Heritage Site features a group of monolithic churches, chapels and monasteries made from solid rock; it is famous for its well conserved medieval frescoes.

Other notable landmarks include: Dohodno Zdanie, an old theater and one of the most beautiful buildings in town. The Monument of Liberty, the Leventabia Fortress and the 1892 Battenberg Palace houses the Rousse Regional Historical Museum are also worth a visit. Recent addition includes the Rousse TV tower which is the tallest tower in country. An observation deck is open to the public where breathtaking views of the landscape of Ruse, Romania and Danube can be seen.

Prominent houses include: The Canetti Trade House, home of Nobel Prize winner Elias Canetti which embodies the mixture of cultural influences of the city; however, it can only be viewed from the outside since it is currently used as a private residence. Another is the nineteenth century Kaliopa House which has been converted to a museum; it showcases urban lifestyles of old. Other museums are: National Transport Museum, Pantheon of National Revival Heroes and the Zahari Stoyanov Museum.

The Ruse-Giurgiu Friendship Bridge is the largest steel bridge in Europe; it connects Ruse to the Romanian city and is another picture perfect sight.

Cultural activities in Ruse are abundant. The city is recognized for its March Music days; an international classical music festival. The city is also the home of the world renowned Rousse philharmonic orchestra and the Rousse State Opera.

Restaurant and Bars

Along with its cultural heritage, Ruse cruise port is equally complimented by delicious local Bulgarian cuisine with a Turkish panache. Fresh meats and vegetable are stable in every menu.

Leventa Restaurant, located in the Town center offers excellent regional fare with a wide variety of wine. It is famous for its aromatic red wine comes from the Danube area. Big servings with a wide selection of grilled meat and some entrees served on chipped-off tree stumps are a daily offering in Mehana Chiflika Restaurant; visitors enjoy dining amidst rustic ambiance.

The boat restaurant Balkan Princess overlooks the Danube and serves fresh fish and meat. Its cocktails are perfect for capping off your day.

Ruse cruise terminal visitors are advised that some restaurants include photos of meals which are not necessarily served in the restaurant. It is best to inquire with the waiter since the menus may be tricky to English speaking visitors.

Your Ruse port of call experience is truly a cultural one.







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