Stockholm Port FAQ

Founded in the 13th century, Stockholm port is among the hottest tourism spots in the world. Also known as the “Venice of the North”, Stockholm is indeed one of the world’s "must visit" places. Here are some Stockholm Cruise Port questions and answers that may come in handy.

1. What's the cruise port's address?

The Cruise Port is located at Magasin 2, Frihamnen, PO Box 27 314, SE-102 54 Stockholm.

2. What is the cruise port’s phone number?

Stockholm cruise port can be reached at the no + (46)670-2600.

3. What's the cruise port parking like?

According to some Stockholm cruise terminal FAQs, parking is not usually allowed inside the port premises. Guests and passengers can wait at the terminal building.

4.  How do you get to the Stockholm Port?

The cruise port is fairly accessible through public means of transportation, like buses, cabs and rented vehicles.

5. What cruise lines use the port?

A lot of European cruises drop by Stockholm annually. The Birka Cruises usually depart from Stadsgardsterminalen and ferries passengers to Aland. Holland America Cruises is also a regular vessel that docks in the port.

6. What is the nearest airport from the cruise port?

Frihamnen, the official name for Stockholm Port, is only kilometers away from the Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

7. What attractions are near the cruise port?

The Vasa Museet (Museum) showcases the warship Vasa and its history. The ship sank on her voyage and was recovered 333 years later. It has been preserved since 1961. Gamla Stan, also known as the Old Town, is a historic site in the city known for its lovely medieval houses, cobblestone streets, shops and fabulous restaurants. Some Stockholm port of call FAQs also suggest going to The Nobel Museum. It features the life of Alfred Nobel, the Laureates and some of their discoveries and ideas.

8. What hotels are near the cruise port?

The Grand Hotel is just 1.3 kilometers from Stockholm Cruise Port. This is a good place to spend a luxurious holiday for you and your loved ones. It has a great panoramic view of the city and is located just right in Stockholm’s waterfront. The Scandic Anglais is also a great place to stay. It is located at the centre of the metropolis and provides easy access to the city’s business centers, shopping destinations and fabulous local & international restaurants.

9. What restaurants and shops are near the cruise port?

Operakellaren is known for its classic 19th century design and cozy interior. It is one of Sweden’s finest and serves luscious French, Italian and Swedish cuisines that will truly satisfy your palate. Restaurang GQ features French inspired cuisines since the year 2005. The restaurant is very irresistible to the locals, offering exceptional food and a good selection of wines.

Make your way to the Royal Palace for all your shopping needs. The Old Town is fully lined with souvenir shops that will definitely keep you busy the entire day.

10. Are ships docked at the port, or are passengers ferried from the port to the ship?

The passengers are usually docked at the port, and from here you can go to the metropolis.

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