Torshavn Port Guide

The port of Torshavn is located in the North Atlantic and is a favorite port destination of many cruise liners and ships. Torshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, is surrounded by the nations of Iceland, Scotland, and Norway. The Faroe Islands is a constituent country of Denmark (as is Greenland).

The port is just a short distance from the city proper, where many commercial spots and areas are located. Torshavn is a merry blend of the old and the new, with well-preserved ancient structures harmoniously coexisting with the city’s many modern commercial and business establishments.


Andreas í Vágsbotni is a store that specializes in souvenir items and gift ideas. They sell a range of interesting products such as costumed dolls, puffin toys, Faroese flags, clothes, cards, and knitwear.

SMS Shopping Center is the only shopping center in Faroe Islands. In here you can find the city’s biggest supermarket, Miklagarður. There are also a number of restaurants and boutique stores inside the center.

Tutl is a record bar that sells music CDs of local and Nordic artists.

Sirri is a clothing and apparel company based in the Faroe Islands. Their products are made from organic materials such as pure Faroese wool.

N H Jacobsen was a former schoolhouse that has been converted into a bookstore. The store sells books written by both Nordic and foreign writers.

Things to See

Skansapakkhúsið was a former storage facility converted into the Prime Minister’s office. Security is not tight which is surprising considering it houses the country’s most important political figures. You can explore the grounds and examine the architecture up close.

Skansin Fort was thought to have been built in 1580 by Faroese national hero, Magnus Heinason to protect the city against pirate attacks.  However, it was seized and destroyed by the French in 1677, and then again by British soldiers 1808. The fort was reconstructed and rebuilt by the Danes in the eighteenth century.

Kongaminni (King's Monument) is an obelisk built in 1882 in honor of Danish King Christian IX who once visited the city. The top of the obelisk affords a commanding and panoramic view of the city.

Vesturkirkja is an interesting-looking church that has a massive triangular roof. The church has impressive interiors as well.

Gongin is where you can find the oldest dwellings in the Faroe Islands. Some of the houses here date back to the sixteenth and seventeenth century but are still being used today.

Restaurants and Bars

Glasstovan is a 4-star restaurant that affords guests a great view of the city. The restaurant specializes in native Faroese cuisine.

Sunset Boulevard is located in SMS Shopping Center and is a sandwich deli. It patterns its menu and offerings from Subway but ingredients are locally-sourced and sandwich creations are mostly Faroese originals.

Restaurant Merlot located at Magnus Heinasonargøta 20, FO-100 Tørshavn is a highly-rated restaurant that serves fine continental dishes.

Kaffistovan is a coffeehouse located at Havnargøta, Tørshavn. The place serves good breakfast fare such as cold cuts, pastries, bread, and cheese. One highly recommended pastry selection is their croissant with Nutella filling.

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