Vega de Terron Port Guide

Vega de Terron Port is a favorite stop for cruise Douro River tours in Spain. It is is a launching point to the ancient city of Salamanca; it immerses travelers in the region’s traditional life. The Vega de Terron Port of call is located along the Douro River; travelers on a river tour will also encounter the Pinhao, Regua, Biletos, and Barca d’Alva regions in Portugal. The language of the area is predominantly Spanish (although right near the Portuguese border); the currency is Euros in both countries.

A tour to this area along the Douro River usually runs from 5 to 11 days.


Beneath the beauty of the famous Spanish fountain Chafariz dos Pretos is the markets square. Visitors taking a quick walk to the site will be satisfied with the plenty of souvenir choices that this place offers. From local produce, handmade goods, t-shirts, to native delicacies, this place will satisfy the shopping fever.

The region is world renowned for its fine port wines. Visitors will enjoy wine tasting opportunities as well as the chance to bring some home. Shoppers should recognize that tawny port is more expensive than ruby port. Tawny port has been aged in wooden barrels whereas ruby port is age in bottles.

The Plazza Mayor Square is also good for strolling in addition to shopping for goodies.

Things to See

The main feature of a Vega de Terron cruise fpr tourists is the city of Salamanca. The cruise tour will definitely start the trip in the morning to allow the maximum amount of time in the historic city. Salamanca has been designated a world heritage site by UNESCO because of its strong preservation of early European architecture. The historical architecture was inspired by Arab, Romanesque, and Christian styles. The trip will probably take a whole day so dinner is often eaten while preparing for departure at the Vega de Terron Cruise Terminal. Spanish lunch is usually included in a guided tour.

A major point of interest in Salamanca is the twelfth century San Martin Church; it was built in the Romanesque style. Other attractions include the Augustinian Monastery, Monterrey Palace, and the Art Noveau and Art Deco Museum Casa Lis. Salamanca is also home to an historic university; the University of Salamanca founded by Alfonso IX of Leon.

Aside from Salamanca, travelers can also visit the Castelo Rodrigo, a small Spanish town with walls surrounding the city; this reflects the medieval lifestyle of twelfth century residents. Another unique Vega de Terron Cruise Port attraction is the Chafariz dos Pretos fountain, a landmark located near the area’s market square.

Restaurants and Bars

Salamanca and the Vega de Terron Cruis Port offer a variety of food experiences. For International cuisine, guests can travel to Fish Frenzy. Duke is an all-in-one restaurant, bar, and café for casual meet and greet. Guests can also interact with the locals in this shop and ask about the lifestyle afforded by the region and local events. Asian flavors is served at Kabuki by the Sea. Steaks are served at The Jailhouse Grill.

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