Vienna Port FAQ

Vienna is the most prominent city in Southern Europe because of its repository of historical and cultural sites. From the Vienna Port, a traveler is minutes away from major historical Celtic, Roman, and German sites; an educated traveler is almost certain to have read about these sites in a World History Class. Aside from the world-class stops, Vienna is also famous for local delicacies such as Rindsuppe beef soup, apple strudel, Austrian chocolate cake, chocolate drinks with egg yolk, and fluffy pancakes called Kaiserschmarr'n. Here are some basic Vienna Port of Call FAQs to aid a traveler to this port.

1. What's the Cruise Port Address?

Seitenhafenstrasse 15, Vienna
A-1023, Austria

2. What's the Cruise Port Phone Number?

431 727 160

3. What's the Cruise Port Parking Like?

The port accommodates container, automobile, general cargo, and passenger vessels. It holds 50 landing stations with frequent cruise ships mostly docking as a part of European tours. The car terminal has room for 10,000 cars (covered parking for 2,600 cars).

4. How do You get to the Cruise Port?

There are local public vehicles available in the airport to drive you to the port. If you are getting a hotel accommodation, you could ask the reception to fetch you. For budget travel, you can try the local bus.

5. What Cruise Lines use the Port?

Frequent cruise liners docking at the port are AMA Waterways, Avalon Waterways, Uniworld, and Viking Cruises.

6. What's the Nearest Airport to the Cruise Port?

The Vienna International Airport is the nearest airport to Vienna Port with distance of 17 kilometers. The airport is near hotels, bars, and restaurants.

7. What Attractions are Near the Cruise Port?

Your visit to Vienna would not be complete without sightseeing at the Cathedrals. Famous architectures include St. Peter’s Cathedral, St. Stephen’s Church, and Schonbrunn Palace. There are also several historical museums and sites within the city. The Praterstern Theme Park is also famous along with the local flea market. You can visit the Hoher Market Square where Anker Insurance Company Clock, Hoher Markt Toman Ruins, Jew’s Square, the Jewish Museum, Bohemian Court Chancellery, and St. Ruprecht’s Church are found.

8. What Hotels are Near the Cruise Port?

There are various hotel choices near Vienna Port including K & K Palais and Post Hotel. Other hotels include La Meridien Vienna, Wombat City Hostel Base, Hotel Austria Wien, Pension Stadthalle, and Austria Tren Hotel Lasalle.

9. What Restaurants and Shops are Near the Cruise Port?

Viennese food is virtually served everywhere in the city. The recommended restaurant for your first-time Viennese taste is Purstner with its famous Wiener Schnitzel which is perfect for a ravenous appetite. Beef delicacies and nice ambience are served at Immervoll and Motto Restaurant.

For shopping, you can try the Hoher Markt Square for the best flea market deals. You can also ask your cab driver to take you to Mariahilferstraße.

10. Are Ships Docked at the Port, or are Passengers Ferried from the Port to the Ship?

All ships entering Vienna dock at Vienna Port.

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