La Gomera Port Guide

As one of Canary Islands’ sunniest places, cruise passengers will find that there are a lot of things to experience and see in La Gomera Port.

Lying off Africa’s coast, La Gomera is an island with the shape of an orange. It enjoys a stable Mediterranean climate; warm summers, short winters; this makes it easy to explore. Having roads that are well-maintained, getting around the island is easy and comfortable for travelers; either by bus or by car. Although Spanish is La Gomera’s main language, English and German are also widely understood.


Compared to other ports in Canary Islands, La Gomera port of call has a limited shopping experience to offer because of its rural setting. However, tourists with a little know-how of the island will find several shops selling unique souvenirs, which along with the whole experience in island make a good cruise stop remembrance. With most of these shops existing near La Gomera cruise port, cruise guests can enjoy a selection of local products and gift items within easy reach. Barbara’s Bookstall is one of the island’s frequented shops for books in the English language.

Things to See

La Gomera cruise terminal boasts of its wide array of scenic views and spots. One of which is the Garajonay National Park which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its vast forested area. Another highlight of the island is the Alto de Garajonay, which at 1,487 meter above the sea level height, is La Gomera’s summit.

Cruise passengers can also enjoy the hike in El Cedro Forest. Surrounded with tall trees, it is the island’s densest place. Through its mountain, tourists can experience a walk in the water tunnel (water can reach up to 6 inches deep so guests are advised to wear boots). 

Other breathtaking place in the island are the Laurisilva Forest, which situated between Le Creces and La Hayas highlights carpets of flowers that blossom in spring. There is also a waterfall located between Hermigua and El Cedro.

The El Sombrero and El Magro (the lion) are two rocks in the island that has a form resembling a sombrero or a straw hat and a lion, respectively.

Restaurants and Bars

Tourists have wide options for dining in La Gomera. For those craving for seafood or beef menu, Signature Gomeran is one of the main destinations. For those wanting a taste for the island’s local cuisines, Junonia and Playa Santiago are not to be missed. Aside from having relaxing atmospheres, both restaurants serve dishes that are wallet-friendly (ranging from $10 to $15 for each person).

Just a walking distance from La Gomera port of call, Abysinia is the place to go for those looking for traditional Spanish delicacies.

The port is surrounded with dining establishments offering tourists with a selection of cocktails and beer. One of which is a pub called El Doscan.

Despite its small size, cruise passengers still do have a lot of things to do in La Gomera.

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