Las Palmas Port Guide

Las Palmas is located in the Canary Islands and is a well-known tourist destination. The city enjoys fine weather all year-round, which complements well the city’s many beautiful golden sandy beaches. Las Palmas once played host to the famous explorer Christopher Columbus who once stopped by here en route to the Americas.

The Las Palmas port is a favorite stopover of cruise liners coming from Europe and nearby islands. The city is also a cultural hotspot, with one district, Vegueta, in recognition of the place’s significance to human history and civilization, was declared a UNESCO heritage site.


Around the cruise terminal you can find shops and stores that sell souvenir items and local handicrafts.

A little further away from the port you’ll find Las Terrazas, which is a large shopping plaza lined with apparel stores and fashion boutiques. Stores here carry international brands such as Pepe, Calvin Klein, and Levi’s. 

The place has been recognized by Spain as a national monument and houses a variety of store and shops, selling everything from traditional goods to modern labels.

If you’re into fashion, you can check out Avenida Mesa y Lopez, which is considered as the city’s fashion shopping capital. Mercado de Vegueta is the oldest market in the city and in here you can find local produce such as fresh meat, vegetables, sauces, fruit and seafood.  While you’re here, be sure to sample the local delicacy, churros, which are dough dipped in hot chocolate.

Parquet San Catalina is where you can find duty-free stores, and is a must for those who are looking for good bargains. You can find an array of merchandise here such as electronic goods, jewelry, clothes, perfume and alcohol. What’s more, haggling is encouraged!

Things to See

One of the things that you shouldn’t miss while you’re in Las Palmas is the beach scene. Playa de las Canteras boasts of a mile long sandy beach that is dotted with chic cafes and small shops.The warm waters here are perfect for swimming, windsurfing and other water sport activities.

Playa las Alcaravaneras is another lovely beach resort that is highly recommended.

For a touch of history, you can visit the city’s various museums. The Museo Canario pays honor to the indigenous people of the island, the Guanche. The Guanches were the original inhabitants of Las Palmas. Visitors can see the traditional costumes, mummies, and religious relics of the Guanche people in the museum.

Casa Colon on the other hand pays tribute to the famous former resident of the island, Christopher Columbus. Here you can find many interesting facts and memorabilia pertaining to Columbus.


Near the port you can find a restaurant named Bodegon Lagunetas. The restaurant specializes in tapas but also serves other Spanish dishes as well. Another restaurant, Samoa, is a favorite of locals, and serves authentic Spanish cuisine at affordable prices.

Arehucas is a local spirit, which you can enjoy straight or mixed with cola. For a taste of authentic arehucas, be sure check to out Pachichi and Las Ranas; two highly popular bars that also play disco and modern music.

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