Yalta Port Guide

Between the Northern Black Sea Coast and the Crimean Mountains of Southern Ukraine is the location of the Yalta Port. The port has many facilities and amenities that are useful for visitors. The city was said to have been founded by Greek seamen looking for a safe coast to land. With its warm Mediterranean climate together with its vigor, Yalta is an excellent place to have fun and relax. This is one of the reasons why it is crowded during the summer months. It is the favorite holiday haven of Russians and Ukrainians.

There are many interesting places to explore in the areas surrounding Yalta as well. You can do this by riding a mini bus from the city for about an hour. With history reflected in many places, the city becomes a wonderful vacation escape.


There are huge bargains when it comes to meat and vegetables located at the markets. There is vast supply of cheap bottled water and you can see it almost everywhere because of intestinal problems brought by local water issues.

One of the surprising delicacies all over Crimea is the famous sweet red onions. They are a favorite delicacy in Ukraine which makes this delicacy quite expensive.

A wide array of vodka selections is available with very low prices. The best honey in Ukraine can be found here as well. You can find this on numerous street vendors and shops located on the other side of the coast. Souvenirs and other interesting items from Yalta are also available but be aware that the cost tends to get more expensive when you speak English.

You will also discover that the wine in the port is awesome and that you may want to take home some. You can visit the Massandra Wine Factory for your Crimean wines.

Things to See

You can walk around the Boardwalk. It is a beautiful  place that is great for a stroll through vendors on the streets selling art works and many other things. You can view the famous Statue of Lenin. It is where the west landmark meets the perfect east located on the waterfront. Visit the Massandra Palace up in the hills outside the town of Yalta. It is where this lovely romantic summer “picnic” palace was built. Many places in Yalta are worth a visit including the pebbly beaches, without sand, the historic churches and many more.

Restaurants and Bars

  • Dine at the Kaktus Club and have an experience of a Tex-Mex restaurant located at the ground floor of seaport building across the Hotel Bristol. This is also the first premium club in Yalta where cocktails are extremely pricey.
  • Try Pelmennaya if you are looking for freshly made to order dishes. This is the best in town serving people with dishes cooked only as you order to make it fresh and good tasting.
  • For a great romantic ambiance, you can go to the Soup House. It is a stylish restaurant with a cheerful ambience offering a wide selection of Ukrainian dishes.
  • Finally, try Harem. It is a Crimean Tartar restaurant which is quite casual but is also upscale. A wide array of Tartar cuisine can be enjoyed inside their pretty oriental room. A variety of wine from different countries is also available.

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