Yaroslavl Port Guide

The Russian city of Yaroslavl lies approximately 150 miles northeast of Moscow. It is a bustling city of 650,000 inhabitants with modern transportation infrastructures such as a port and railway station. It is economically vibrant and is recognized as an important commercial and trade hub in Russia.

Established as an independent principality in the eleventh century by Prince Yaroslavl (a.k.a  the Wise), it was annexed later on by Moscow in 1463. It became an important transit point in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries of ships plying the White and Caspian Sea. It also became the capital of Russia for a while when Moscow was occupied by Poland in 1612.

Today the city is a well-known tourist destination and is popular for its many beautiful cultural and historical sites.


Mytny Market has many stores that sell local delicacies such as dried fruit and cheese. You are allowed to sample the cheeses before you make a purchase.

Na Torgu located at the Yaroslavl Courtyard is 2-story an art gallery that sells souvenir items and unique art pieces, such as mini wooden churches, lacquer boxes, and woven birch boxes.

Things to See

The Kremlin of Yaroslavl located near the town center is an ancient complex that now houses museums and other tourist establishments.  There are some well-preserved churches inside where you can also attend mass services and hear old bells being sounded.

The Feodor Volkov Drama Theater is a historic building as this was the site of the first full-length drama play that was performed in Russian.

The Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery was built in the mid twelfth century and was initially made entirely out of wood. In the thirteenth century, through the auspices of Konstantin, the monastery was rebuilt this time using concrete and stones. The period also marked the time when the monastery began to offer theology classes and courses. In 1609 when the city was attacked by foreign armies, many of the city’s citizens sought refuge in the monastery.

In 1959, the place was partially converted into an archaeological museum.

The Church of Iliya Prorok  or Prophet Elias Kirche is located in the center of the town. Inside the church are magnificent artefacts and works of art, such as the frescos on the Winter-church and the sacred iconostasis which is made of pure gold and adorned with jewels and precious stones.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurant Poplavok is a floating restaurant located at the Kotorosl pier that serves traditional Russian dishes. The food is fine cuisine and so prices are a bit steep.

Vanilla Sky is situated along the Kotorosl river bank and serves regional and continental dishes. Food is excellent and reasonably-priced. The place offers a fantastic view of the Kotorosl River and the boats and ships passing by it.

Pyatnitsa restaurant has a lunch menu that changes daily and provides free WiFi Internet access. In the evening, it transforms into a club and is frequented by young locals.

Kofe-in, ul. Trefoleva  serves delicious cakes and pastries and also doubles as an Internet cafe.


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