Zaporozhye Port Guide

Located in Ukraine, the Zaporozhye port serves cruise ships traveling along the Dnieper River. Found in the southeastern portion of Ukraine, the city is a vital home to an important railway junction; and the Zaporozhye port of call also serves the local community. Stretching for several miles along the Dnieper River, the city has a green belt that separates the industrial section from the residential section of the city. 

The Zaporozhye cruise port is committed ,to providing cruise line visitors with attractions besides natural wonders. Teeming with life during summer months, the Zaraporozhye cruise terminal is highly modernized. 


Zaprorzhye provides excellent shopping opportunities for cruise liners. A diverse economic standout in Ukraine, several shopping stores and shops sell various branded clothes, electrical wares and souvenir items. Souvenir items such as handmade bags, native jewelries and handicrafts may be found in the Festivalnaya Square. Here, visitors can find small stalls and shops where local artisans sell locally made goods. The Square itself is a tourist attraction; many tourists feed the pigeons and birds while enjoying the park. 

Visitors who are interested in shopping for clothes will find the House of clothes to be a perfect destination. The store offers brands such as Gucci and Calvin Klein; it is one of the most visited stores in the city. 

Things to See

Diverse and multicultural, Zaporozhye provides cruise tourists a wide array of attractions to visit. An architectural masterpiece, the Drama Theatre of Zaporozhye is a place to start your tour. Its grand design is Romanesque in nature; this makes it a notable attraction in the city.  Perhaps the most significant attraction that draws thousands of cruise tourists to the city is Khortytsia Island. The evolution of natural Ukraine is revealed here; the island is filled with flora and fauna that are very rare and unique.

The island also played an important role to the Zaporozhian Cossacks who were fleeing the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. The island has the Museum of History of Zaporozhye wherein several exhibits and displays of the Zaporozhian Cossacks. The island is a protected State Reserve of History and Culture. 

Restaurants and Bars

International cuisine is clearly seen in the dishes and menus served by local restaurants in the city. The Banzay Restaurant serves Japanese style dishes with local flavors in a setting that is comfortable and cozy. Open from 12 noon to 12 midnight, it is a good place to dine. For desserts and pies a good place to find some is the Coffee House Cafe located in Lenina Avenue, serving delicacies of cakes and pastries, it is one of the most visited. 

Ukrainian foods to try include borscht (soup made from cabbage and beets), yushka (fish soup), babka (Easter bread), studen (jellied fish) and deruny (potato pancakes).

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