Bilbao Port Guide

In the Basque region of Northern Spain lies one of the busiest Spanish ports—Bilbao port of call. This port city is filled with numerous attractions and is famous for the delicious food offered in its restaurants. Bilbao ranks sixth among the cities of Spain in terms of area and first in terms of the size of the port. It is strategically located in the center of the Basque region. With the opening of the famous Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao cruise port began to emerge as a major tourist attraction in no time. The cruise terminal has a number of public telephone kiosks, and any travel-related information can be obtained from its information desk.


Take a walk down Casco Viejo if you truly want to experience what shopping in Puerto de Bilbao is all about. Though Bilbao has numerous unique shops, its shopping districts are mainly two. If you are someone who likes to pass time in traditional shops with a little bit of old-world charm, then the pedestrian “Old Quarter” will interest you. If you are someone who likes to see international brands in shops, you may want to buy something at the old pedestrian area. The city center near Plaza Moyua has a fantastic line-up of high-end shops. On everyone’s must-see list is the lovely food market of Bilbao—La Ribera. This market caters to its customers throughout the year and teaches a lot about the traditional cuisine of Basque.

Things to See

Located in the old quarter is the Guggenheim Museum, which displays masterpieces of artists including Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso. Bilbao is a port of call for many cruise ships that, occasionally, also organize exclusive events in this museum. Quite near to Bilbao are the towns of Gatika, Durango, and Balmaseda. Quick and easy bus rides are available to these snug little Spanish towns. There are numerous must-see attractions near the port of Bilbao. Among these is the Castillo de Munatones located in the Somorrostro Valley. The Basilica of Santiago and the Museum of Archaeology are located in the close vicinity of each other. A short trip around the coast will lead you to a fascinating resort—Santander. Also worth a visit is the Museo de Bellas Artes, which displays a healthy mix of both medieval and modern pieces of art. Be prepared to walk around the port and its vicinity if you wish to truly experience Bilbao and all its attractions.

Restaurants and Bars

Food plays a prominent role in Bilbao. Several one-of-a-kind restaurants and bars that constantly test out new combinations of world-class cuisine and drinks while adding a traditional touch are found scattered around the port. It is remarkable that the laws of Bilbao require each restaurant to offer an easy-on-the-pocket “dish of the day.” The Zortziko restaurant is a famous restaurant situated in the center of the city at Alameda de Mazarredo. Artistically prepared and presented food is the specialty of the world-famous Restaurante Guggenheim Bilbao.

The décor in Pub Avalon is totally medieval and its wall decorations include axes and other weapons. A hippy like ambience is what awaits you in Twiggy, Alameda de Urquijo, where tourists and locals often choose to go to have a great night-time party.

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