Casablanca Port Guide

Casablanca port is found in the heart of Morocco, and it is one of the most enticing sights that a traveler will see. Upon your arrival to Casablanca port of call, you will realize why it is Morocco’s largest city, and through the last century of its existence, it has continuously expanded. The modern look of Port de Casablanca never fails to surprise its visitors. Good choices for activities, sightseeing and experience are within your reach in Casablanca cruise terminal. To get around the city after arriving at Casablanca cruise port, the taxi ride would be most beneficial since they know the ins and outs of the city.


Shopping among the stalls found in the city is one great experience. There is a lot of merchandise along the street; clothes, souvenir items, and the like are some of the things you will find there. The secret in getting the best deals is through bargaining. You will be able to purchase goods at half the price if you are good at this art. Quartier Habous is another shopping area where you can purchase great carpets and metal wares. They make great Arabic carpet and the best handmade copper and brass goods. The Exposition Nationale d’Artisanat offers superb carpets, quality leather goods and craft ware that are surely worth buying. Mementos like ornately designed dishes, belts made of leather, embroidered clothing and handmade jewelry are other things which you can find in the shop.

Things to Do

You can visit the King Hassan II Mosque. It is one of the most recent mosques and is said to be the third largest in the world. It is popular for its interior design and its roofs which allow a view of the sky. The Hamman or Turkish baths is one of the activities you can do in Casablanca. This bath is run by single mother in the area that is creating social change in Morocco. They offer quality service at an affordable price, and the money coming from this business is used as a fund raiser to support the programs of the organization. The Notre Dame de Lourdes is a cathedral and an experience of the place will provide you with tranquility like no other. The stain glass in the area is something you really must see. To attain peace and quiet you can visit the La Corniche Beach. Enjoy swimming, beach volleyball or football, sunbathing, and other activities in the resort. They have a facility for both private and public beach, ensuring the private quality time you can have with your love ones.

Restaurant and Nightlife

There are a number of dining locations in Casablanca. If you are tight on your budget, you can opt to visit La Cigale. This restaurant serves sausage, kefta sandwiches, salads and the like. Benis Patisserie is known for its pastries. It is said to be one of the best. You should try their famous des gazellas. La Corrida’s interior design will surely add up to you enjoyment of their fine cuisine. Sangria is one their tasty meals and seafood is the restaurant’s specialty. Other locations you can visit are YoSushi, Thai Gardens, Al Mounia, La Sqala, Le Kobe D’or and Taverne du Dauphin.

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