Korcula Port Guide

Korcula Port in Croatia is one of the hottest holiday destinations in the Adriatic Sea. The port’s medieval architecture is phenomenal and the museums are a must-see. Most houses have red roofs –adding to the island’s charms. Year after year, port hoppers dock at the Korcula port of call to experience its beautiful beaches, its breathtaking scenery and the port city’s rich history.


Galerija Vapor offers a selection of unique Croatian sculptures, jewelry, and paintings. The gallery is located inside the city’s old town area.

For those looking for basic items, go straight to Konzum, a one-stop shop that is frequented by most port hoppers and locals alike.

For those searching for souvenir goods and local crafts, go to the old town entrance where small stalls are found. Local merchants just stay in their stalls and do not pester visitors or tourists at all.

Things to See

Dating back to 15th century Croatia, the St. Marco Cathedral or the Katedral Sv. Marka is a place to experience old world charm –Croatian style. The cathedral is filled with relics and ancient art pieces, the sight of these ancient pieces will delight every traveler. Being a landmark in the said port of call, the Cathedral is easy to find.

In the walled old town, the Land Gate at Trg Brace Radica is a portal built in the fourteenth century. Its Revelin tower frame was built a century later and is the only access to the old town if traveling by land. The Land gate also known as Kopnena Vrata has an exquisite sculpture of a lion (believed to be St. Mark’s) over the gate’s arch. The Land Gate leads to the old town’s main square the Trg Brace Radica –home to the old town’s town hall made in the 16th century and the Church of St. Michael constructed during the 17th century BC.

Another structure that every traveler must see is the Fortecta, an English Tower built in the year 1813. Today, the Fortecta is now one of the hottest tourist spots in the port of Korcula.

Restaurants and Bars

Adijo Mare located in the port’s old town promenade specializes in Croatian cuisine. Trying Adijo Mare’s Pasticada will be one of the best experiences while in Korcula Port. This beef dish prepared in dark vinegar sauce is the grill restaurant’s bestseller and is loved both by frequent port hoppers and locals.

The Marco Polo Restaurant is another choice where tourists can find affordable yet delectable meals. Their risottos are beautiful in all sense of the word and they also serve an assortment of fish platters, salads, grilled meats, cheese plates and pasta dishes.

For those who want to drink and be merry, go straight to “Fresh”. The bar and restaurant is a bit laid back for a pub but the food is amazing. Wraps and sandwiches are available and these are served both for lunch and dinner. The sangria is relatively cheap so are the buckets of beer.

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