La Coruna Port Guide

La Coruna Port in the Spanish shores is a bustling port and one of the biggest port cities in Galicia. It is one of the finest port stops for cosmopolitan dining, relaxation and shopping. The tourism industry has grown fast in the La Coruna port of call; it is frequented by travelers from all around the globe.

The architecture at La Coruna Port is beautiful; a mix of old structures and modern ones. The port sits in a large gulf in the Spanish coast. The typical weather during the summertime is rather warm and dry. Winters in the said port of call are mild and only a little wet. The coolest time of the year at La Coruna Port is January but if one wishes to go there during its warmest season, visit the port in the month of August.


The La Coruna cruise port is a bustling city with merchants frequenting the port to peddle Spanish-themed souvenirs. There are shops however that sell music albums and other entertainment stuff. For book lovers, go straight to the La Coruna port city’s Libreria Colon; be sure that you understand Spanish though because most of the books in this place are in Spanish. They are quite old too, making them a good buy.

El Corte Ingles will delight those who love designer clothing. Name brands such as Levis and Calvin Klein are sold at the La Coruna Port’s department stores. Inside the city are more shops to shop peruse.

Things to See

As cruise ships approach the bustling La Coruna port of call, one will see a very old lighthouse called the Roman Tower of Hercules. This tower was constructed during Roman Times and has continuously been used as a lighthouse in La Coruna for 2000 years now. The tower is remarkably beautiful and is really worthy of a visit. It is a hotspot for tourists and the view from the tower itself shows the Spanish shores in a different light.

Just opposite the cruise port of La Coruna are the city’s best beaches. Tourists flock to the area; the old time favorites are Riazor and Orzan. Locals go to these beaches as well especially in the summertime. They are however a bit too crowded during the warm months but these two beaches are the perfect spots to enjoy the sea and bask in the sun.

For the adventurous, there are shops that rent out equipment for water sports. In fact, there is even a statue near the beach that celebrates surfing.

Restaurants and Bars

La Coruna Port offers a great culinary experience. Spanish cuisine is served in many restaurants along with the finest international eats. Locals frequent Restaurante Domas located directly in the front of Domas Museum. The dishes in Restaurante Domas’ menu are a bit higher in terms of pricing but the ambiance along with the restaurant’s tasty selection of drinks and delectable food makes up for it.

There is an Irish pub called Matthew’s Bar and it is one of the most frequented bars near the La Coruna cruise port. There are plenty of other pubs near the port to go to. Bar hopping is suggested as most of these bars do not have entry fees. Locals frequent the area as well.

La Favola, an Italian restaurant is located near the beach. Port hoppers would only have to walk uphill to find it. The menu is as delectable as the selection in Domas but at a lower price range. Good food is served at La Favola and the service in this small restaurant is above average.

Enjoy your stay at the La Coruna Port!

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