Limassol Port Guide

Limassol Port is the largest port facility on Cyprus. The Limassol cruise terminal located at the new port is a modern building with amenities that includes a tourist info center, a cafeteria, and stores. This building is about a 30-minute walk from the center of town, so your best option is to find a bus or taxi. Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus, and is surrounded by sugar cane fields and vineyards. The sugar and wine industries here date back to the days of the Crusades. The residents of this city have a fun-loving attitude. Greek is the main language used, although most Cypriots do speak English.


All purchases take place using the Euro. A locally made item that many shoppers seek is Lefkara lace. Sea sponges are sold in this area, and the port even has an exhibit about them.

Three large Western malls featuring department stores, boutiques, and speciaity stores are located in Limassol. These malls are Debenhams, Carrefour, and Orphanidies. A Saturday market is open near the Carrefour mall. Numerous items can be purchased at bargain prices.

If you'd like to find Lefkara lace, the House of Lace has an excellent selection of lace products. Two of the most popular department stores with good bargains are Chris Cash and Carry and Ermes.

Things to See

Ladies Mile Beach is just a short distance from the Limassol cruise port. The beach features several miles of clean golden sand. Shallow, clear water makes a safe swimming environment for all ages. The water's clarity makes it ideal for snorkelers as well. Windsurfing is also a popular sport at this beach.

Ancient ruins found in the area include a temple dedicated to Apollo and the Curium amphitheater. Ancient ruins are fun places to explore and you'll have the opportunity to get several good photos.

A good way to get acquainted with the local history of Limassol is the Time Elevator. This is a 30-minute ride that takes visitors through the city's history. If you like checking out the native plants of different areas, be sure to see the Municipal Gardens.

Two other interesting historical sites are a short taxi ride away. The House of Dionysus is located in Paphos, and a Crusader castle is found at Kolossi.

Restaurants and Bars

Most of the dishes served in Limassol are Greek items like mousakka. The restaurants often serve meze, which is a mixture of whatever items are available that day. Kebabs served in pita bread are a popular item, as well as local hallourmi cheese

For outdoor dining featuring Cypriot dishes, try the Famagusta Nautical Club. Raj's Tandoor has Indian dishes ranging from mild to extremely spicy, with several vegetarian options. Several American chains such as McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Bennigan's have locations here.

Local wines are inexpensive, and served in the bars. Cypriot coffee is served with a jigger of brandy. The Basement Club serves a variety of drinks, has DJ's who play a good variety of pop music, and friendly staff. Rumours is considered to be one of the more "happening" clubs. Full Monty is one of the city's prime dancing spots.

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