Ravenna Port Guide

As one of Italy’s main ports, Ravenna Port showcases a wide range of attractions and spots that cruise passengers can enjoy.

Lying in the Adriatic Sea, Ravenna cruise port serves as a good venue for trade with the Mediterranean, East, and Far East countries. With a history that dates back in the Roman period, the port now serves as a gateway to those exploring Croatia’s coast. It presents full-featured facilities that would make any cruise stop safe and comfortable. A shuttle service is provided to bring cruise guests from the port to the town.


Surrounded with shops and boutiques, tourists will find a variety of items to buy as souvenirs in Ravenna. Mercantino, an open market, is one of the main stops for visitors to purchase designer shoes and clothes at good prices. Every summer, some local artists put their works on sale at the Milano Marittima. For antique collectors, the Marina di Ravenna is one of the best places to shop.

Many Indian and African crafters sell their products at Ravenna’s local beaches.

Things to See

Many of Ravenna’s buildings and structures were given UNESCO World Heritage designations; and this is because of the famous mosaic works that it showcased.

A mosaic of a starry sky in its ceiling is featured in Galla Placidia mausoleum while the mausoleum of Theodoric is made of Istriac stone.

There are two famous baptisteries in Ravenna. One is in the Church of the Holy Spirit that was utilized by the sect of Arian. Another, which has a mosaic influenced by Romans and Greeks, is called the Neonian. Most of the town’s church domes are also designed with mosaics showing Christ and His apostles. The processions of saints are depicted in the Byzantine mosaics of Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo while the Chapel of Sant'Andrea has mosaics presenting Christ’s victory over heretics. The Basilica of San Vitale highlights a labyrinth as one of its artworks.

Ravenna is also a city for those interested in museums. It has a wide range of archaeological artifacts showcased in the National Museum and a large collection of pieces dating in the 14th Century at the City Art Gallery. An area in Archepiscopal Palace is a museum that showcases the religious life of the city.

Other things to see in the city are the hanging gardens in Palazzo della Provincia and the herbs that date back to 1800s at the Garden of Forgotten Herbs. There are also beaches boasting of crystal clear water where tourists can swim and scuba dive.

Restaurants and Bars

Tourists in the city should never miss piadina, a local specialty that’s served as appetizer or plain fast food. It is like a tortilla filled with a combination of meat and vegetables, or cheese. Lasagna and tagliatelle are among the favorite dishes in the city as well.

For a wide range of fine Italian delicacies, the Spasso Bistro is one of the tourist’s dining destinations. A smaller restaurant, the Spasso Café serves pasta, soup, fish, and salad. The gelato ice cream in Granita is not to be missed too.

With its rich history, beautiful attractions, and good food, tourists will find a lot of things to do and enjoy in Ravenna.

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