Salerno Port Guide

Cruise passengers will surely have plenty of fun and excitement in Salerno Port. Salerno is situated in the southwestern portion of Italy. Salerno is a fast emerging city packed with activity. From the time tourists and travelers arrive at the cruise terminal of Salerno, they will certainly feel smitten by the exquisiteness of this metropolis and its countless great architectural structures.  

Salerno Port signifies a remarkable city crammed with artistic and cultural reserves anywhere you go. Public transport such as trains, ferries and buses are readily available, which make it easier to explore the city. You will find it helpful and easier to roam around when you know even just a little of the city’s language.


If there is one great thing to describe Italy, it would be its superiority in terms of shopping and glamorous goods and Salerno is not an exemption to this. You can find various unique shops, boutiques as well as shopping malls in this city.

One of Italy’s largest shopping centers is the Orio Center which is reachable by a bus ride. Regardless of the length of your vacation in Salerno, you will surely have a chance to reach this place and shop.

If you are in search of well-made leather products to take home as souvenirs, Bottega Bossa is the great place for you. You can find bags, jackets, shoes and other leather made items. You will be astonished of the unique designs of this shop.

Salerno provides lots of specialty stores that sell wine, sweets, cheese, decorated Italian paper and stationary for cruise tourists and vacationers to take home.

Things to See

It is roughly hard to start to name the numerous things that you wish to see when you reach Salerno Port. Salerno is famous as a vacationer’s paradise boasting its historical center which begun so many years ago and is continuously growing. All over the city, historical cathedrals and churches can be spotted. Located at the hub of the business district, Salerno Cathedral is also regarded as the main tourist spot in this city.

If you want to see a grand castle, proceed to the Castello di Arechi, which overlook the city on top of a hill. This gives a magnificent spectacle of both the Salerno Gulf and the city. The castle is now utilized for exhibitions and congresses.

If you are looking for an historical place, go to the Salerno Theater. This theater was originally constructed in 1872 with works of art of Gaetano D’Agostino. It was renovated in 1990s after it was destroyed by an earthquake.

Restaurants and Bars

If you love pizza, then you should not miss to taste the pizza of Salerno. Pizza restaurants are located in almost every street corner. Of course, you should also visit the Villa Poseidon for a delectable Italian cuisine. This restaurant offers homemade bread and an unusual wine list. Though it is a bit costlier, a lot of tourists say that it’s worth the money.

For an enjoyable nightlife, discos and bars are made available in the hub of the city, close to the sea.






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