Savona Port Guide

Savona is a historic city located in the Italian region of Ligunia. The famous explorer, Christopher Columbus once lived here. Savona port is a major shipment area, where many Italian goods are exported to markets in the United States and Great Britain. It is an ancient port and was even mentioned by Greek scribes in their journals during the Punic Wars. Many Mediterranean cruise liners pull dock at the city’s port.

The city has done a good job in preserving the many old buildings and structures that date back to the medieval times. The city is heavily influenced by its Ligunian heritage that is evident in the designs of many old architectural structures.

On the other hand, passengers and visitors are greeted by a modern cruise terminal which is part of an impressive marina complex. Modes of transportation such as taxis are abundant and can ferry people into the interiors of the city quickly and efficiently.


Every Saturday, the city plays host to an antiques fair where a variety of goods such as jewelry, leatherwear, and chinaware are sold.  Famous Italian fashion labels are widely available in apparel shops and specialty boutiques. One such store, Ditta Carlevarini Giovanni, carries a wide selection of designer shoes and footwear. FAR Cornici is a wine depot that sells an array of well-known liquor brands.

There are also many department stores and large shopping complexes situated in the city. People who are interested in unique finds should visit the old shopping section of Savona where stores specializing in rare artifacts are located.

Things to See

The State Archives Building has in its collection the centuries old Dichiarazione di Paxia, the first document written in the Ligurian language.  Another interesting historical find is Priamàr fortress which was built in the sixteenth century by the Genoese who once occupied the city.

Another historical gem that you can find in Savona is The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption which was built between the fourteenth and fifteenth century. The church’s wooden choir chairs which were built in the fifteenth are still in good condition. Another church that has been able to preserve an ancient religious artifact is the Church of Our Lady of the Castle which has a fifteenth century altarpiece.


The city has many fine restaurants serving authentic Italian cuisine. Savona will keep food lovers happy and satisfied. There are many good pizzerias around the city and their fares are worth trying.

Many local Savona dishes center on beef and seafood. Food is rich and hearty. Vegetables that are used extensively are mushrooms and asparagus. Just as in many other Italian cities, Savona produces excellent wines.

One restaurant that is highly popular among locals and tourists is Luna, which serves authentic Italian cuisine. For people who seek fine cuisine, Ristorantino A Filo D' Acqua is highly recommended. For good old fashioned Italian pizza, check out Esco Pazzo. For seafood lovers, it would be worthwhile visiting A Spurcacciuna and Green. Boutique della Pizza, as it names implies, is a byword in authentic Italian pizza.

La Tribu Latina, plays Latin American music and has a dance floor for customers who want to swing to the beat.

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