Sorrento Port Guide

As you reach the Sorrento Port, you'll feel at ease in this true Italian paradise. You'll immediately notice the region's renowned architectural achievements, as well as the pure elegance present throughout the town itself. This amazing little piece of the Mediterranean will be all yours to remember. It also offers plenty in the way of fine dining and shopping.


Sorrento is renowned for not only its great fashion options, but for the cultivated beauty that is Lolanda Moda e Accessori. This area is well-known throughout Italy and is located near Sorrento's classy Historical District. You can easily find your way here from the Sorrento cruise terminal by taking a cab or using the local bus lines, which are used extensively by tourists visiting area attractions.

The amount of shopping you will do might make you a bit tired, but instead of getting back to the Sorrento cruise port why not stay in one the the city's beautiful hotels. These hotels are unique for their grace and elegance, but also for their locations; most of them stand upon a giant cliff overlooking the Bay of Naples. Even if you don't spend the night, the views on top of the cliffs are extraordinary.

Things to Do

One of the most famous natural landmarks in all of Italy is straight across the Bay from Sorrento and is always available for a guided tour (get there by taking a quick ferry ride). Mount Vesuvius is truly a sight you won't forget. You'll also want to visit the the neighboring area known as Pompeii. Take a look back at what life was like in 79 AD, when the volcano last erupted and left 25,000 people frozen in ash.

Another natural sight you might want to take advantage of is the warm waters of the Bay of Naples, not far from the Sorrento port of call.

Restaurants and Bars

When visiting Italy, you are always in for a treat when it comes to local and foreign cuisine. Sorrento and the area surrounding it is not different and will not disappoint.

The first thing you must try though is not something you eat, but rather something you drink. The world famous Limoncello is a high-proofed alcoholic drink that is combines with the tang and zest of lemons. The drink is a specialty of Sorrento and can be purchased from many establishments around the town. The drink can be mixed at most bars near port. Some of the better ones include Bar Fauno and The Foreigner's Club.

Another local delicacy that has been made famous in Sorrento is Pastiera, a cake made specifically with Ricotta cheese. The cake is a normal staple of cuisine served around Easter, but is still available throughout the Sorrento/Naples area. Many different restaurants and bakeries, which include Ristorante Bagni Delfino, have made adjustments and different versions since it originated during the Pagan days thousands of years ago. Despite it's unknown discovery date, it was definitely served during wedding ceremonies in Ancient Rome.



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