Acapulco Port Guide

Sandy beaches and an active nightlife add to the appeal of Acapulco Port. The port's popularity reached its height in the 1950s and 60s, but it's recently become a popular spot for visitors looking to get a lot of bang for their buck. The glitz and glamour of the clubs, combined with the multitude of shopping options makes this a great stop.

The city's amazing weather makes for plenty of sunshine throughout the year. With only a small shift in temperature to distinguish the winter months from the summer months, you can spend your days on the beach and dance the night away even in the middle of December. Although very few of the locals are fluent in English, they are welcoming and helpful to all their guests.


Plenty of boutiques, shops and chain stores can be found along the main street of Acapulco for those who seek simple trinkets and other souvenirs. For those looking to browse the latest in designer fashions, try the Municipal Market.

The Municipal Market, otherwise known as Mercado Municipal, is located a short walk from Acapulco cruise terminal. There you'll find a variety of shops that feature locally-inspired gifts. One of the highlights of shopping near port is the ability to barter and negotiate prices, something you definitely can't do at a department or chain store back home. 

Things to Do

Arguably one the most amazing sights in the region is the cliff divers in La Quebrada. The amazing feat is performed several times a day by brave and daring natives of Acapulco. These divers plummet from the top of the cliff into the waters in a small channel, timing it perfectly to ensure that the waves are providing enough water for the dive. It truly is a breathtaking sight.

There are also a variety of water activities that visitors can take advantage of. Parasailing rental shacks are abundant on the beach and you can generally bargain for a pretty good price. Horseback riding is also a good way to pass the time. There are additionally a variety of historical and artistic locations that can be toured.

Restaurants and Bars

For those who prefer outdoor dining, there are restaurants all along the beach in the area surrounding the Acapulco port of call. Mar Y Cielo is at the top of the list. Eating surrounded by the beauty of sand and shore is an experience you should not pass up. Su Casa is also a great place if you're looking for ambiance.

Enjoy the nightlife at one of the many clubs and bars located in Acapulco. This city is full of life at night and there are many places to be a part of it. While these locations might be fairly high priced to get into, your cover fee often includes your drinks for the evening. The Classico Del Mar is a great option to enjoy both a drink and the scenery. The open air layout offers a great view and atmosphere. Mangos is perfect for those who enjoy a crowd. This club offers both music and music videos for entertainment.

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