Belize City Port Guide

Nestled between a huge tropical forest and the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Bay, the Belize City Port has much to offer to all of its tourists. From ancient Mayan Temples, through jungle trips, cave tubing and scuba diving, to fancy beaches and high quality shopping and dining options – Belize City and its Port have enough in store to excite and surpass the expectations of even the most blasé and world-weary visitor.

Transportation to the Port

The best way to travel to Belize City is by plane, as there are two big international airports in the vicinity - Belize City Municipal Airport, which is the more centrally located one, and Belize City International Airport, which mostly services travelers to Belize’s cays. From any of these airports, you can call a taxi, which should take you to the Port within half an hour.


From Belize Port, tourists often go on one-week to ten-day cruises that travel around the Caribbean islands and the main ports of Latin and South America.  The visitor can also take advantage of shorter excursions along the pristine coastline or into the wild mainland of Belize. Just make sure you have booked your reservation with the cruise agency well in advance.

Xunantunich Exploration

Starting from Belize City, this excursion will take you to the majestic, centuries-old Xunantunich Temples in the lush, mountainous Cayo District. There you will have the chance to experience the ancient Mayan culture and enjoy some of the most sublime vistas you will ever see in your life.

Belize Zoo

Situated in a suburb of Belize City, the Zoo features a vast menagerie of bird and animal species such as jaguars, pumas, howler monkeys, and toucans. You can book a tour of the Zoo that also includes a visit of the Old Belize Museum where you will learn more about the colonial history of the country.

Belize Cave Tubing

An once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is the cave tubing trip that explores the enormous, awe-inspiring caverns in the heart of Belize’s rain forest. Hiking through the natural habitat of some of the most dangerous jungle predators or floating down bottomless cave rivers is indeed not for everyone, but if you accept the challenge, you will know from first-hand experience the kind of lifestyle that the proud and strong Mayan warriors used to have.

Fort Street Tourism Village

If you want to buy some souvenirs and presents, then the Belize City Tourism Village, a 5-minute walk from downtown, is the place you should be looking for. There you will find shops selling artwork, woodcarvings, and traditional music, with most of the merchants trading in US dollars or accepting credit cards.

Eating Out in Belize City

If you want to try some of the local cuisine, you can go to Four Fort Street, which is open from early morning till late in the evening.  Excellent seafood specialties you can eat at the Smoky Mermaid, a restaurant that also offers breakfast. As for the culinary traditionalists, they are more than welcome to visit the Xihaba Bar and Grill, which serves American barbecue with quality alcoholic drinks.

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