Colon Port Guide

Situated in Colon City, Panama, Colon Port is a very significant port, both for the commercial and tourism industry of the city. The Americans who developed the railroads of Panama also established the city in the year 1850. The backdrop of the city includes the Panama Canal Zone although it is not really a portion of the canal. The Colon port of call became the second biggest duty free port of the world after it became a free trade district in 1953. Colon City is regarded as the second biggest city, following Panama City.


Colon cruise terminal is the port of duty free shopping and you must take advantage of it. Lots of stores here are locally owned, giving many crafts as well as handmade creations for you right at Colon cruise port. If you wish to do further shopping, then it is advisable to go to Colon 2000. This is a big and constantly growing shopping center. Because of the existence of duty free shopping in this area, Colon Port sees passengers from 70 ships each year visiting this shopping center.

Things to See

As you arrive at Colon port of call, you won't have to look far just to get something to see or do. Portobelo is only a short distance away from the Colon Port. In this particular place, you will discover five Spanish citadels and Spanish Colonia treasure quarters. You can explore these buildings. The ruins of Portobelo are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. It is dedicated to San Juan de Dios, the city’s patron saint. Religious memorabilia from the date the city was founded are also found in this place. 

You can also enjoy a two-hour Historic Panama Railroad ride from the Colon cruise port. Another location that is worthy of your visit is the Fort San Lorenzo, which is situated at Chagres River. Also, you might want to stop and explore the Gatun Locks or Miraflores as well as the Pedro Miguel Locks.

If you want to go swimming, then it is possible with the beaches of Colon. One of the best choices is the Playa La Angosta. But if you are yearning to go yachting, consider the yachts of Shelter Bay Marina at Fort Sherman.  

Restaurants and Bars

Craving to have a taste of the traditional cuisine of Panama? Go to Restaurante Grand Café for a bite to eat. There are also a number of restaurants waiting for your attention at Colon 2000’s shopping center. Some of these are the Restaurante Oishi Sushi, Restaurante Café Iguana and Cafe Lebanese among others. The place provides worldwide delicacies instead of just the Panama cuisine. If you are thinking of going to Portobelo, you might want to consider going to Restaurante Los Canones. Situated about 6 kilometers before getting to the city, this restaurant offers some of the finest dishes you can find in the whole Colon.




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