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If you an animal and eco-tourism enthusiast, you will definitely love the Curu Port. One of the major highlights in this particular port of Nicoya Peninsula is the Curu Wildlife Reserve. In these tropical paradise surroundings, tourists are almost certain to witness numerous animals in the wild. Curu is owned privately and a part of a huge farm which unites sustainable agriculture as well as forest management with the defense of nature and wildlife. Curu also joins to Nicoya Peninsula’s Biological Wildlife Corridor. As you drive on the street to Tambor from Paquera you will pass all the way through a greatly forested portion with huge trees. It is a lane of forest allowing animals to travel amidst Curu and the hilly interiors of Nicoya. Slowly drive and look out for the animals on the street.


Curu's shopping experience varies between basic home-based businesses to department stores and high fashion shops. Just like other places, no one definition can be applied to the stores when shopping in Curu. But if you are aware of what you want and where to look for them, you will surely enjoy your shopping experience in Curu.

As you drive on the highways and roads of Curu, you will see small shops and stands selling homemade products like salsas or cheese, vegetable and fruit stands. Enjoy these different items, as many of them are unique to the area. Surely, you will tell all of your friends about these things.

Things to See

The most renowned feature of Curu cruise port is the beaches. Surrounded by the immense stretch of coastline are countless superb beaches with impressive coastal landscapes.

Water sports like fishing, snorkeling, diving and surfing greatly define the nature of Curu. Most of the areas in Curu were discovered by surfers. Costa Rica’s Pacific side offers one of the best expanses of surfing shorelines worldwide.

Different ecosystems give habitat for various plant and animal species. As with the entire Nicoya Peninsula, Curu is blessed with several stunning natural wealth ranging from subterranean caves to turtle beaches, maritime riches and birding hotspots that are confined in various wildlife and nature reserves.

Restaurants and Bars

The beach regions offer several excellent opportunities for an outstanding dining experience. Curu includes fine restaurants that will lead you to have a perfect culinary vacation. Surely, there will be someone in this place that may suggest a restaurant or two wherein you can have a taste of Costa Rican cuisine and other specialty.

The tourist district of Curu contains many fine places to dine. You will certainly never be disappointed to find a remarkable restaurant with heaps of appeal. The menus will be complete with dishes that are very tempting to your taste buds. But never ignore the local, tico restaurants in the area. These are informal and lack a lot of ambience. However, some of the very best food is often found in these places.



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