Drake Bay Port Guide

Drake Bay Port of call on Osa Peninsula is considered one of the best places to experience Costa Rica’s wilderness. There are untouched coves, forests and wild animals in the area which makes Drake Bay a very beautiful spot. There is just one village in Drake Bay known as Aqujitas with a population of only 200 people. It is officially the last town in Costa Rica that still is not on an electric grid; houses, businesses and other establishments run on solar power. Although access to the area has improved, it is still possible in Drake Bay to find an incredible combination of wildlife; both on land and sea.


The Drake Bay Cruise Port area is one of adventure for eco oriented vacationers (as reported by the National Geographic Society). It is the earth’s most biologically dense area. It was discovered by Sir Francis Drake in 1579 during his circumnavigation of the globe and remains exclusively accessible by boat.


Drake Bay cruise terminal area is not much a place for shopping; there is a small shop called the Pulperia. There are likely to be stands and vendors along the quay as well. You can get Costa Rican souvenirs at Pulperia. You will find the art work, crafts, shirts, and other items that reflect Costa Rican culture.

Things to Do

Since Drake Bay is the center of eco adventure, sport fishing is one of the main attractions. There are more than 20 boats and crews from which to choose at thi Central Pacific coast location. Fishing excursions will seek blue, black, and striped marlin, sailfish, wahoo, yellow fin tuna, Spanish mackerel, cubera snapper, sierra mackerel, roosterfish and many more. Diving can be arranged through the various local lodges. Additionally, you may enjoy watching whales and dolphins, kayaking, swimming, scuba  and other activities such as hiking, riding horses, bird watching, or just soaking up the tropical sun.


You can also explore with the help of bilingual guides who are expert naturalists. You will have a higher level of appreciation of  the areas rich nature after an educational tour with these guides. You will learn that Drake Bay is the home of Parque Nacional Cocovado, the tallest primary rain forest on the planet with 400 species of birds, 139 species of mammals and 116 species of amphibians and reptiles. If you are interested in hiking, you can go to the Marenco Biological Station and experience the moss-festooned rain forest; replete with toucans, monkeys, curassows and tanagers.

Restaurants and Bars

Though there is just one small disco on Saturday nights in Drake Bay, there are a number of restaurants to go to as well. For oyster lovers, the best restaurant to go to is the Drake’s Bay Family Farm Oysters (formerly known as Johnson’s Oyster) open daily between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM. If you want the taste of their local cuisine, head to Restaurant Amapola. It is one of the excellent places to appreciate their local dishes. Within the area, you can enjoy international cuisines in the hotels and lodges.

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