Fuerte Amador Port Guide

Fuerte Amador port of call is a man-made island in Panama that connects four islands, Flamenco, Perico, Culebra and Naos, to the mainland. Today the Fuerte Amador cruise port is a bustling place with many locals and tourists frequenting the marina to shop, bike, dine or enjoy the beautiful scenery. The island has a number of commercial structures as well such as restaurants and shopping places.

Fuerte Amador is a major port of call and many cruise liners pull into the Fuerte Amador cruise terminal. 


In Fuerte Amador you can find the Fuerte Amador Mall, which is a large duty-free shopping plaza. The mall sells a variety of quality items at rock-bottom prices. Examples of goods that are available in the mall are electronic gadgets, jewellery, food, perfume, and clothing. Fuerte Amador is also home to Flamenco Shopping Center, which is a shopping plaza that houses a number of boutique stores, souvenir shops, and restaurants. There is also a newly built modern shopping center in Flamenco Island.

One can find a number of specialty shops and stalls in the marina that sell local products such as native handicrafts and souvenir items.

Things to See

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute is a research facility dedicated to the study of tropical flora and fauna. The facility started out as a small field station in 1923 and is now a full-fledged center for tropical biodiversity study. A lot of scientists and researchers visit the place to collaborate with the institute’s resident scientists. The institute has a number of open laboratories and animal sanctuaries that people can visit. The Institute is also famous for its Marine Museum where visitors and guests can view a fantastic array of marine life housed in two massive aquariums.

The Gamboa Aerial Tram is 45 minutes away from Fuerte Amador and offers eco-tours to tourists and visitors. People can enjoy the Aerial Tram ride which takes one through the park’s rain forest, giving one a good view of the whole park. You will also get a chance to see and hear up close forest animals such as monkeys and birds. The park also offers tours to authentic Indian villages where one can experience and see first-hand the traditional way of life of many Native Indian tribes.

The Figali Convention Center was the venue of the 2003 Miss Universe Pageant. It is reportedly the most modern facility of its kind in the whole of Central America. Today it hosts a lot of sporting and musicals events such as boxing, ice skating, and concerts.


Fuerte Amador Port hosts a good number of eateries and restaurants that both locals and tourists frequent. The fare ranges from simple dishes to haute cuisine. People can admire the beautiful scenery from the port while enjoying their meals. There are a number of free-standing stalls along the port that serve authentic Panama food. One of the more popular dining spots in the marina is the TGI Friday’s restaurant and Country Inn and Suites.

The Balboa Yacht Club located in the Panama Canal has a good restaurant that serves fine cuisine.

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